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Movie that has may social psychological

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Compliance is conformity that involves publicly action in accord with social pressure while privately agreeing. People comply to avoid punishment. While in the locked room a vote was taken to start things off. The votes were spoken out loud and counted. While going in order, ‘guilty’, ‘guilty’, ‘guilty’, then a hesitant ‘guilty’. The juror that hesitated to say guilty, only agreed with the others so he could avoid social punishment, disliking. He only said guilty to comply with the rest of the group. What would happen to him if he disagreed?

He had no choice but to agree, unless he wanted to face the rest of the jurors. Another concept is the overconfidence phenomenon. This is the tendency to be more confident than correct. You can see this take place if you follow one man’s path in this movie. He is confident the young man is guilty. Even when he is confronted with theories that the young and may have not committed the crime, he still believes he is correct. Every juror is convinced that he was not guilty, because of reason of doubt, except for one.

No matter how much evidence was presented to this man he still is confident the young man committed the crime. The juror is overconfident he is right and overestimated the accuracy of his beliefs. A third social psychological concept that occurred in this movie is stereotyping. When the jurors were in the locked room, some of them kept referring to the young male as ‘one of those kind’. They were making negative remarks about the male. Just because he was brought up in the slums, he was referred to as a kind of nasty, unwanted name.

He was thought of a one of those who would stab his own father. Almost all of the jurors stereotyped him at one point or another. The worse to stereotype him was the overconfident juror. Another concept in the movie is persuasion. Persuasion is a message that changes a belief, attitude, or behavior. The character that was played by Henry Fond, Davis, persuades the jurors, one by one, to believe that the young male may have not committed the crime. He keeps explaining his point of view.

He persuaded and convinced the others to believe in the attitude he takes in the case. He tells his points of views from many different perspectives and from all perspectives he points out there is a doubt that the man committed the crime. In doing so, it led the jurors to find the defendant ‘not guilty’. A final social psychological concept is acceptance. In the beginning of the movie the movie, the jurors only complied but as the movie ended compliance grew into acceptance. Davis persuaded the jurors into accepting his beliefs.

Acceptance is conforming that involves both acting and believing in accordance with social pressure. By the end of the movie, all twelve jurors accepted that there was a doubt that the defendant didn’t commit the murder. When the theories that Davis proposed they came to the verdict of ‘not guilty’. This movie is full of social psychological concepts. I have only discussed a few of them, including: acceptance, compliance, stereotyping, persuasion, and the overconfidence phenomenon. The movie ended with a verdict of ‘not guilty’ and was not sentenced to death.

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