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Movie Review Argumentative

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That would soon change with the release of the 1983 film Surface. Although it is a loose remake of the 1932 Howard Hawks film, the two films couldn’t be more different. Set in the drug infested high life of asses Miami, the film chronicles the rise and fall of the fictional Cuban drug lord Tony Montana, portrayed by AAA Pacing (giving what is considered the most memorable performance of his career). Pacing embodies the underdog, the everyman, the fish out of water in a new world, 1980 Florida to be precise.

From the opening title montage, to the climactic final showdown, screenwriter Oliver Stone gives very raw and realistic depiction of the struggle to obtain the American Dream. Tony’s hunger to survive in America as an immigrant is shown to us very early in the film. He wants to be his own man and not be controlled by a communist government. He wants the money, power and respect that he feel he deserves. Pocono’s portrayal of the Cuban immigrant is nothing short of breathtaking. Although we find ourselves rooting for the “Bad Guy’, it is also to be understood that Tony Montana is no hero.

He cheats, kills and lies his way to the top of the DOD chain, but not without dire consequences. We see Tony at his highest highs (literally and figuratively) and his lowest low. The effects of his intense drug habits mixed along with his temper leads him to eventually alienate his family and friends, becoming like the people he once despised. The themes of the film play out more as a modern Shakespearian tragedy rather than a gangster film. Many would compare to the likes of “Macbeth” The similarities are uncanny. The delusions of power from the main characters, the murders committed for personal gain, the role of the wife.

Both characters eventually reap the consequences from their actions. Overall the film is considered the blueprint for the modern gangster epic. The film was rated X until it was cut down to a strong R rating. When it was originally released, it was not critically received well. Seen as a bloody exploitation film, Surface would later gain a cult following and becoming one of the best movies of all time. Easily quotable and downright unforgettable, Surface is one very entertaining film and one of the best gangster films of the 20th century.

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