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Filming Checklist

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Please note that every effort will be made to accommodate filming at the National Maritime Museum, however, as our main priorities are to remain pen to the public 7 days a week, and to preserve and display the collections within our care, we reserve the right to decline filming projects at our absolute discretion. Important Information To enable filming/photography to take place, a copy of a certificate of public liability insurance is mandatory. The level of insurance cover required is Facility fees will be based on the varying requirements and needs of individual projects.

The facility fee quoted will be an on site/off site time, and will not relate to filming time only. The facility fee needs to be paid in advance of the first day of filming/ photography. A ten year, worldwide, all media broadcast license is offered as standard with payment of the facility fee. Please provide a summary here of any further broadcast rights that you require for your filming/ photography project, including DVD or adaptation rights. It is strongly recommended that you visit in advance of filming/photography.

If you are unable to do so the National Maritime Museum accepts no responsibility if the facilities are unsuitable The Museum and its sites are open to the public from Imam – pm during the summer (June-September, and Imam – pm in winter (October-May). Exclusive access can be arranged for filming/photography before the Museum opens or after closing, at an additional cost. In the interests of our visitors, filming can only be permitted within the Museum during opening hours if visitor flow can be diverted and a crew can safely work around the public without disruption to the enjoyment of our visitors.

Research can be undertaken prior to filming/photography for which a research fee will be charged. The National Maritime Museum has a large picture library, a film archive, a maps and charts department, an historic photograph and ship Lana department, and a notable library for rare books and manuscripts. Limited parking for essential vehicles (Max. 3) can normally be provided by the National Maritime Museum providing adequate notice is given. Registration numbers of all essential vehicles will be required before the day of filming.

Failure to provide this information may result in vehicles being refused entry to the National Maritime Museum. Our website contains detailed information regarding all sites within the Museum: National Maritime Museum/ The Queen’s House/ The Royal Observatory, Greenwich. The website encompasses all commercial services provided y the Museum, including filming locations and the NM Film Archive: move. NM. AC. UK For market research purposes we would be very grateful if you would indicate here where you first heard of the National Maritime Museum as a filming location.

Site Health, Safety, Fire and Security It is essential that you read and retain these guidelines for reference. The emergency telephone number is EXT 6555 What you must do Please ensure you are aware of the names and contact details of the members of staff who will be invigilating your filming/photography session. Ensure that al persons working for you or on your behalf are fully trained and if necessary, certified on the works they carry out. Work only in your designated area and only carry our designated work. Obey safety signs/labels and keep isles and exits clear. Use lifts correctly. If during the course of the works, the client discovers any dangerous situations, they must report immediately to a member of NM staff. Transport of material or equipment must be conducted in a safe and responsible manner. Vehicles moving inside the museum grounds must never exceed 5 miles per hour and hazard lights must be switched on. Exits and passage ways must be kept clear at all times to ensure movement is not restricted in the case of an emergency.

What you must not do Do not enter areas marked “NO UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS”. Nor should you enter areas where you have not been granted access by the NM invigilator, or deviate from designated routes. Do not use the Museum’s tools or equipment without prior approval of the NM invigilator. Do not leave equipment unattended. Do no smoke on the worksheet or within any part of the museum Do not drop litter. All rubbish and debris must be taken with you when you leave the site. Do not interfere with self closing fire doors or obstruct fire exit routes. Do not cause any damage to building, artifacts, decorations, furnishing etc. All surfaces must be adequately protected and any damage must be reported to a member of NM staff. Please read fire notices, which are prominently displayed in all areas before commencing work. Alarm signal – The emergency alarm for general/fire evacuation is a continuous ringing of alarm bells, or in public areas, voice evacuation. If you discover a fire: Alert a member of NM staff immediately if available, if not; Raise the alarm by reeking the glass at the nearest fire alarm call point.

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