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Film Review of Five People You Meetin Heaven

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The film has strengths which are the meaningful lessons and excellent scenes that will surely touch everyone’s heart but merely, it has no weaknesses. The opening scene of the film happens at Ruby Pier on Eddies 83rd birthday. It then starts to when he will die and when will his journey in heaven begin. Eddie tried to save a little girl by pushing her out of the path of the falling cart because accidentally on that day, one of the carts breaks free from the ride and falls to the pier.

Eddie does not get out of the way causing him to be killed. Eddie then travels to heaven and meets his first person, he Blue Man in the Ruby Pier Eddie remembers from his childhood. He is the one who informed Eddie that he is going to meet five people in heaven whose lives he has somehow affected. The Blue Man tells Eddie how he is indirectly responsible for his death: When Eddie and Joe was a child, they were playing with a ball that bounced into the street.

The Blue Man, driving by, was extremely anxious having almost hit him when Eddie ran into the street to get the ball which caused the Blue Man to drive recklessly and hit another car, which killed him. The next person he encountered is his former war captain. He meet him on the war ground which resembled that on which he fought during the World War II. Eddie finds out that the Captain sacrificed his own life in order to save him and the soldiers. He also said that he sacrificed Eddies leg to get him out of the fire alive which made him very depressed for the rest of his life .

It is also important to note that throughout the film, Eddies father had never shown him love, approval or any signs of encouragement or in few words, doesn’t believe with all the talents he has, and did not hesitate to violently yell at and beat Eddie, overtime the father get drunk. In the scene after Eddie returned injured from the war, his father yelled at him and tried to hit him; Eddie blocked his father’s attempt and his father never spoke to him again.

We encounter his father early in the film as a strict one in his life and never had a good relationship with him, which have brought damage on him in the way of neglect, violence and silence. The scene where Eddie meets the third person which is Ruby who tells him that it is her for who the pier is named, is incredibly significant because throughout the movie we know that Eddies father doesn’t have any kindness in his heart, but hen when Ruby shows Eddie a horrifying scene where his father died in saving Mackey Shear who almost hurt Eddies mother.

Ruby then teaches Eddie to forgive his father. Eddie does this by approaching him in the diner and telling him “It’s fixed”. Among the five people Eddie meet in heaven, whom I like most was the fourth person he will meet which is his only true love and happiness in life, Marguerite. It is because the moment that she will die and Eddie feels worry to her, that scene touches me so much and realize the power of love.

When they meet, they talk for a long while and Marguerite tells Eddie that she loved him even after her death and that true love endures forever. The climax happened towards the final scene in the movie, when Eddie meets the final person in heaven, which is a young girl named Tall. Among the scenes in the film, this is the one which interests me most because at first, I wondered how Tall related to Eddie, but then, when she explained why she’s the fifth and last person to be meet by Eddie, I then knew that she play a very significant role in Eddies life.

Aside from she leads Eddie to the outcome and resolution of the story, throughout the movie, we see that the scene where this innocent child has been oiled is the reason why Eddie had experience many nightmares and has been tormented his entire life. When Eddie meet Tall, she then immediately explain that Eddie killed her, uttering a famous line in the film, “You burn me. You make me fire” which suddenly made Eddie cry and also, it then affects me in the film.

This dialogue, together with the music, was very strong that it also made my tears fall. Also, the other dialogues delivered by the actors in the film especially those lines that carry lessons are intelligent and believable that it made me agree tit the flow of the story and then does not create any questions in my mind. Also, with music, it helps us strengthen our mood on every scene, whether it is somber or thoughtful.

The story unfolds when Eddies worst fear had come true: he had killed an innocent child during the war while burning down the camp, thus letting him realize his life’s own purpose which is to be at Ruby Pier keeping the children safe. The story is told in this manner because it want us to reflect in our own lives and especially realizing our own purpose. The movie then succeed in letting us learn five lessons in each of the person Eddie had encounter in heaven. With the Blue man, he learned that events are not random and lives intersect for a certain reason.

With his former war captain, he learned that lives are sacrificed to save others. With Ruby, he learned the third lesson of forgiveness and letting go of anger. With Marguerite he learned the power of love and with Tall for his final lesson, he learned that his place in life was keeping the children safe at the pier. Also, it succeed because the story greatly affects me in the sense that it make me realize the true meaning of life and how people contribute with my own personality.

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