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Almost famous movie analysis

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Movie Review of Almost Famous In the movie “Almost Famous”, Cameron Crower portrays the life of a high- school boy named William. William was more advanced than the other children. He dreams of becoming a lawyer but little does he know, his life is about to change. William is given the opportunity to write a story for Rolling Stone Magazine. His task is to interview an up-and-coming rock band named StillWater as he accompanies it on their concert tour. He is presented with many challenges that conflict with him finishing the article on time.

William gathers himself and focus to finish his job. He successfully writes the article and it almost made the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine. I would recommend this movie to the teen and more mature audiences. Although the movie has mild profanity, displays the use of drugs, and shows how the band treats their fans, this movie is a great movie to watch because it is realistic events. In “Almost Famous” the band, fans, and managers used mild profanity. The band uses the most profanity. One example is when Russell states, “but it’s a voice that says here I am..

And buck you if you can’t understand me”(Crower). The band excessively used “Puck, Sit, and Damn” throughout the movie. Although these words were used constantly throughout the movie, I would recommend this movie because it is realistic. In “Almost Famous”, the band uses drugs excessively. One example was when Russell was on top of the house at a party. He told William to “tell Rolling Stone Magazine that he’s on Young audiences should not be allowed to see a movie such as this. This movie can be watched by a more mature audience because of the drugs that are used in the movie. Almost Famous” is a great movie to watch cause it has realistic episodes that the audience can relate to. Famous”, the band had lots of fans but they treated them horribly. Their fans are called “Band-Aids”. The biggest band-aid’s name was Penny Lane. The band does not realize how much she loves and cares about them. Penny Lane believes that Russell and her have a relationship like none other. Unfortunately, Russell sells Penny Lane for fifty dollars and a case of Heinlein. I would recommend this movie because it is very realistic and it can show young girl and guy fans how fans can really be treated.

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