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Age Appropriate Movies (Arguemenative Paper)

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Most of the time their asset is older than it should be, in this case things like rated R movies. What is a rated R movie, reasons we have the rating limits, and finally what should be done to protect our youth from seeing things they shouldn’t. According to http://www. Mama. Org/ ratings are divided between five categories ‘G’ or general audience, ‘PIG’ or parental guidance suggested, ‘PIG-1 3’ or parents strongly cautioned, ‘R’ or restricted, and finally ‘NC-17’ or no-one 17 and under admitted. Rated ‘R’ movies are not able to be seen by anyone under the age of 17 without adult consent.

These movies are rated as R because they contain adult material. Included in that would be obscene language, violence, nudity, drug abuse, and adult themes. This is a warning to all parents to make sure the movie that their children at watching is something that should be seen by them based on their age and maturity level. Being that many of our youth is easily influenced by what they seen around them this can include what they view in movies, which is a solid reason to why most teens under the age of 17 shouldn’t be subjected to what rated ‘R’ movies have to offer.

Parents have a tendency to monitor what their children watch at home, and this allows them to have better control over what they are able to see in public as well. There are many movies that contain dangerous stunts and actions; this would be something that if seen by an easily influenced crowd may cause them to want to recreate the stunts they seen. By allowing them to see such dangerous things and giving them the ideas of recreating what they seen may cause them serious if not fatal harm.

Swearing is a huge reason to why there is a rating of R on some movies. Watching movies tit the lead characters cussing can be a bad example to our youth, and can influence them on some improper language usage. Bad language can cause out youth to get used to using the inappropriate language and they can begin to use it in places they should be such as school, work, and many other places. Using such language can give of bad impressions to other people, can come across disrespectful, and can make you sound as if you have a small vocabulary.

Another major influence on the rating is the drug content. Once our youth sees their favorite characters smoking or doing drugs they get the mental stand point hat, that’s what is cool and they should also take up a habit. What they don’t always show is the negative affect the drugs such as, addiction, mood swings, what is doing to your body, and how badly drugs can mess up a life. By kids seeing their “role models” using drugs they begin to get curious about them and that can be the start of a larger issue.

By movies showing such easily influenced minds the different types of drugs and how to do them, there is little left unknown and could cause it to become easy for them to know how to incorporate drugs into their lives. The sexual content can cause huge issues with teens. During this time in their life most teens are developing and learning about sex, and by now most of them are quite curious about all it has to offer. Most movies show the heat and passion that can occur, but hardly ever explain how to keep yourself safe and show the responsibility that comes along with it.

Teen pregnancy is a growing issue in the United States in teens and young adults, and by allowing them to view their favorite characters doing these actions it may very well be just enough influence to cause this issue to worsen. Another issue would be the spread of Sexually transmitted diseases. Movies don’t explain how to protect you from them and most of these issues wouldn’t cross a teens mind once the stars make it seem so easy on the big screen.

Lastly Violence and torture is a large impact of making a movie have an ‘R’ rating. Violence can not only influence our youth to say that it is okay, but can also show them different ways to be violent. With bullying being a large issue with our youth in schools seeing more violent ways may only cause it to continue to increase. Children should know that no form of violence is acceptable and they may get the wrong impression after watching characters do violent things in movies they view.

Most children get night terrors from these types of movies because of how frightful the images they would see are. Torture is something that parents wouldn’t like their children to see. By viewing different torture ways it can make them curious, which could lead to them wanting to recreate what they seen on other people even as they get older. Not all children are easily influenced by what they see n movies and on television but they do put these restrictions on so that way parents can decide what their child is or is not mature enough to handle.

There are many ways that not only parents and movie goers can contribute to making sure our children don’t see movies but also the movie theater employees as well. An example would be that it becomes mandatory that everyone who enters a rated ‘R’ movie show personal identification. Another way is that if someone under the age of 17 wants to enter a rated ‘R’ movie they must be with someone over the age of 21 instead of having the adult be 18, this allows friends whom urn 18 before everyone else to get their friends into movies that their parents may not agree with.

Finally, by not putting a preview of a rated ‘R’ movie in front of a lower rated movie will restrict some of the movies that children may become interested in seeing and can save them the hassle of trying to find someone older to take them. Many of our movies that win many awards are rated ‘R’ movies. This means that what we find to be most popular and would have the most influence is something that we shouldn’t be allowing our children under the age of 17 to see.

Whether the movie is rated ‘R’ because of the language, drug intent, sexual content, or the violence is it still a movie that parents should take the time to research before allowing their teens to see the movie. Not only looking into movies for why they are rated a certain way but also as to how much of the movie plays into why the rating is the way it is. Some movies don’t have a lot of the content that made it rated ‘R’ which would mean it was less of an influence on the children because it isn’t showing up as frequent. A good place to look would be on websites that allow people to give their own reviews of the movies they see.

This can allow parents to see how other people interpret the movies they seen and judge whether or not that is something they feel their children can handle. There are certain websites that parents can visit that will show them what movies are rated, reviews, frequently asked questions about the movie, and tell you whether or not a movie is appropriate for younger ages. There are many other ideas and options for parents to handle. In conclusion, movies aren’t just what keeps our attention or tells us a story; it can have a large impact on those who aren’t mature enough to handle the content.

Rated R movies are for mature nature and by having them be unable to be viewed by anyone 17 and under without an adult is what keeps us able to decide what our kids should and shouldn’t be allowed to watch. Children shouldn’t be subjected to things like sexual content, drug content, or large amounts of swearing because of how easily influenced they can be. There is obviously always room for improvement on how strict these rules are, but for now this will have to do. So next time your child asks for a trip to the movies, are you doing all you can to keep them age appropriate?

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