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A Synopsis of the Movie Billy Elliot

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Wilkinson dream was never achieved and he wishes to do well not only for himself but for her as well. He also sees that if he does well, he will later be able to use his talents to make a living while doing what he enjoys. In both situations the work put into the relationship between the two is outweighed by the benefits which come from the effort put in. This is also very obvious in the the strike itself, the union feels as if the costs of working are not worth what they get in return so they decided it was time to do something about it.

On the other hand, the overspent feels the opposite, in that the work the minors put in is either equal to the benefits or more then what they deserve to have. The government also feels that even without the striking men they still receive what they need for the remaining workers, so their needs are being met by the workers costs while those remaining minors have the same feeling towards the government. Conflict Theory: The conflict theory is the idea that, there are levels in society and there will always been conflict between those.

Such groups as the bourgeoisie who are the ICC and powerful control the proletariat who are the working people. These two groups are always fighting to better themselves which creates conflict between the them. In the example of Billy Elliot, Bills brother Tony and father Jackie work as minors who represent the proletariat. They are also part of the the minors union who are on strike and fighting the government, who are the bourgeoisie for their rights. The workers want better conditions and more money while the government wants to keep down costs.

The government works hard to oppress the minors with violence and force. In turn this creates more conflict then the strike which is going on already. This conflict is prevalent throughout the entire film as the government and union fight until the bitter end where the government wins the battle. In the situation of Billy himself this theory is seen. Billy who would be considered the proletariat is being controlled by his family and friends and how they think of him and his choices.

His friends and family are the bourgeoisie and they wish for him to be a certain masculine way and do now believe that ballet is something that he would do. They believe that if he does ballet he is gay and because this is not what they believe in they oppress Billy’s dreams and aspirations. At one point, Billy’s father even takes away the money he needs for his ballet lessons so he cannot go anymore. Ecological Theory: This is the theory that explains there are four levels to life, these level all affect the smallest level of micro indirectly.

The next level is the mess, then ex. and finally the macro level. The micro level for example is a child and family, in this level everybody’s actions affect each other directly. As you move outward into the other levels the people in those levels actions indirectly have an affect on the micro level such as teachers providing the students with knowledge, on the ex. level the parents life and city affect the child or family in either adverse or positive manners.

Finally comes the macro level which is something such as national issues or government which can affect peoples lifestyles and actions. Now in Billy Elliot you see this as Billy, the father, brother and grandmother represent micro. Also Mrs.. Wilkinson, Debbie Wilkinson, and Michael Jeffrey are he mess level then comes the ex. level which is reflected by the union and their fight against the government who is the macro level.

All these people and organizations have a direct or indirect affect on Billy. His family forces him to be a certain way and the way they act influences Billy to go into boxing and not ballet. Then comes Mrs.. Wilkinson, her daughter, his friend Michael, his boxing coach and the pianist who try to influence Billy to go in one direction or another. As you move up through the levels it is possible to see how the father and brothers work fife conflicts and influences what Billy can and cannot do.

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