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Is College Worth It

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Many people often ask themselves and question whether college is really “worth it.” Is the college experience truly something that is beneficial? To some it may be the best thing since sliced bread, while others may view it as a burden that will last for a long four (or more!) years.

When the facts are all weighed, it can be easily seen that college’s benefits far outweigh all the hassles associated with classwork and studying. College is an experience that nobody should be deprived of. Friendships are established, memories are created, and the mind and body unite as one to accomplish difficult responsibilities.

The freshman year seems to be one, big non-stop party that involves social gatherings and continuously flowing beer. The weekends start on Wednesday and last right through Sunday morning. Work seems to be second priority and put on the back burner during the freshman year. Sophomore year is not too much different, other than the fact that studying becomes a bit more important and grades become a reality. The partying still remains the same, however. Junior year reality finally sets in and students typically feel the need to “buckle down” and study hard. Senior year is full of demanding tasks and loss of a social life. The library literally becomes the second home for many students, where they find themselves devoting more hours to studying their coursework than doing anything else.

Every student attending college is faced with important decisions and the big final decision of attaining a degree in their selected area of study. Pain, hard work, toil, failure, success, just to name a few, are some of the words associated with the conventional college lifestyle. College is just like life…it has its ups and it has its downs. It is up to the individual to distinguish what is right for them. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to follow their heart to obtain what they truly desire. They will eventually see that what they put in, is what they are going to get out. Unfortunately, for some, college will be nothing more than a big party that will last for a given period of time until they fail out, return home, and are stuck with the problem of finding a mediocre job. Fortunately, for others, college will be the time in their life that they were given the opportunity to make something of themselves, make friends, make memories, and be successful.

Aside from all the hard work that one must put in to studying a certain subject, a student, whether they realize it or not, is being shaped into a unique, important individual. That individual is learning what they want to pursue in their life. These students are the world’s future and the ones who are going to make an impact in our ever-changing society. College is a place where the rivers meet the oceans. The environment is a massive melting pot of ethnic backgrounds, races, beliefs, and ideas. It is in college that individuals get to share themselves and let their true character come out. College makes leaders- leaders who are bold.

Upon graduation, a college student will have the materials necessary to face the real world. They are given the insight, knowledge, and expertise to maintain an identity in a society where it is every man for himself. After all, that is the goal of a college education! The acquired degree will be the key to unlock the job of a lifetime.

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