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Intro to E-Blotter

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The e-blotter system facilitates fast, easy, and paperless entering of crime information using the computer machine that is linked into one station to another up to the higher headquarters via internet connections. The e-Blotter is designed as a stand-alone system which will be installed in all police stations as a means of reporting and monitoring all crime incidents that transpired within their respective areas as well as the results and records of the investigation. The system will allow enhancement in the course of crime prevention, detection, and solution as it enables easy access of data needed for an immediate action from the police officials.

Crime investigators and personnel will instantly access crime reports and daily updates of what is happening in the ground, particularly in every police station which is vital in mapping out strategies for quick response and crime prevention through internet using e-blotter system. The system will allow integration of crime reports for and accurate and reliable documentation which is needed for crime investigation and solution.

The e-blotter system will render better police service through an improved and enhanced crime incident reporting system with the use of modern technology.

Statement of the Problem
What are the common factors affecting quickly access crime reports of other departments and headquarter? General Problem
How does E-blotter system be implemented in Brgy. Muzon, San Jose del Monte Bulacan? Specific Problem
1. How e-blotter be described as to:
2.1 availability of computer units in the police headquarters 2.2 accessibility of internet
2.3 hire a web developer to create the e-blotter system 2. What are
the estates of the process of implementing e-blotter system? 3.4 Police station personnel must be trained how to use the e-blotter system 3.5 Registration of the complainant

3.6 Error free e-blotter system website
3.7 A secured and large database for the case files
Scope and Limitation
In general, the focus of this study is to update the police headquarters daily about what is happening on the other headquarters of other places. Accessing case files from other stations instantly will help the investigator or personnel to track if the suspect has already case in other places. The system has a large database for case files so that the personnel will not be hassle in finding those files in the cabinet, in just one click the user can find what he was looking for.

The limitation of this study, it is not an offline system so that an internet connection must needed to access the website. The system does not include a database for evidences. Significance of the study

* Socio-Economics. On this study, the e-blotter system will inspire other students, researchers to develop and create an effective, efficient and profitable system. The proposed system will create and introduce technology to the police station. Now a days their using the manual method. The output of this study is beneficial and helpful to the following concerns: * Police Station. The pe-blotter system will simplify and automate everyday police station tasks and can help lessen time consumed with their works. They can also manage well the station and they can also provide a better service, making it more profitable and efficient.

* Police Officers. The e-blotter system will make it easier for the police officers to handle the station and convenient when it comes in searching for the cases they don’t have a hard time to search records manually. * Police Staff. Police staff can benefit a lot from this study, as they also part of the ministry. They can learn more about the E-blotter system. Also, they can lessen the time they consumed in their works. * Researchers. The Researchers have developed their writing, analysis, hard-working, and interpretation skills needed to make a good thesis. They fully understand the system to be able to create a better system. * Future researchers. This will benefit other researchers who aims to have similar studies as they get background information and learning from the output of this study and they can also create a better study due to the reason they have learn many which will serve as template to modify and understand their research.

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