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Interview With a Professor

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            A professor is said to be an expert with specialization on certain fields as arts and sciences. He is one who conducts lectures and discussions for a specific occasion as deemed necessary. Professors also do researches and consultations based on their line of skill and know-how. This professor that I have interviewed dedicated himself to historical studies and research on genealogy of some prominent facilities in particular countries. He goes by the name Dr. Federico V. Mangelen.

            Dr. Mangelen attended college at the Mindanao State University in the Philippines, had his Masters Degree at the University of the Philippines and earned his Doctor’s Degree again in the University of the Philippines and in the University of Hawaii. He’s been in the academe for 30 years now and presently, he’s in the United States to conduct a research on genealogy for the Toyota Foundation based in Japan.

            Dr. Mangelen has always been passionate with studying family trees and descents which is why he pursued educating himself more on the subject matter. According to him, a professor can only be a professor if he loves what he’s doing and he knows what he’s doing. So far, he has published twenty books on various topics including history tribal groups among Asian countries, socio-cultural studies and ethno-linguistic reviews. Dr. Mangelen likes his job because it deals mainly on people. He can widen his horizons and extend his knowledge because his specialization is open to new possibilities and further studies which may or may not directly insinuate change among people in a community.

            On the contrary, Dr. Mangelen said that the weakness of this area includes discrimination from non-Asian professors and researchers on Asians which usually challenged him even more to pursue his studies. For him, this professional experience is most important since he is trying to disprove the criticisms and claims of others. As such he is more determined to write more books and papers to foster information dissemination not only among Asians but to the Western nations as well.

            Dr. Mangelen’s philosophy of teaching is learning through experience which is why he usually brings students in the field rather than confide them in the four corners of the classroom to expose them to the actual settings of his lessons. According to him, experience is still the best teacher. Students would appreciate theories more if they can see what they are really like in reality. Imagination is helpful though but the realism reinforces it. In this manner, he expects students’ comprehensive learning. He believes that students will always remember him through these educational trips and the knowledge gained from them will be retained in their lifetime.

            Aside from teaching and research activities, Dr. Mangelen shares his experiences to his students. His method of teaching is not confined to the ideal scholarly style. What he does is he treats his students as friends and colleagues so they can freely open up to him their ideas about issues. He abides by the conviction that learning should be fun and spontaneous.

            In conclusion, Dr. Mangelen is a very unique professor. His professionalism stems not by being intimidating but by facilitative learning. Other professors should be like him – confident, impulsive yet artistic. He is valued more for dealing with people and the love for their history.

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