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Interview Reaction Paper

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In every research, it is important to have sufficient and active data that can support and justify the arguments presented. This is important because it can shed an understanding of the topic and ensure that validity and coherence comes into the picture. Seeing this, the relevance of facilitative and administrative interview and questionnaires becomes significant in every research endeavor. In the end, by creating such facets in an orderly and established manner, it can necessitate an avenue that is encompassing and congruent with the research being made.

            Looking at my experience in interviewing and providing questionnaires, it was hard but a fulfilling area on my part.  Seeing the scope of the study, my topic caters to the importance and relevance of Ipod’s in the classroom.

With this problem, I sought to garner feedbacks and inputs from respondents using face-to-face interview wherein it requires direct interaction with the participant of the study. Though such facet may incur difficulties because of the associated costs in coming to respondents home and the time spent, I feel that this is supplemental primarily because my focus comprises of a small sample only and has benefits of getting the responses on a direct basis.

            With regards to choosing the necessary questions and sample for my research, I focused on choosing the respondents who have a direct connection with my work. I feel that this is significant to get the necessary data to support my hypothesis and claim that IPod’s are indeed beneficial in the classroom and for students. Moreover, the set of questions that I used were open ended to give the participants the freedom to choose their answers accordingly.

At the same time, the questions were also not inclined to support my argument. Rather, each individual has the freedom either to say positive or negative impacts about the issue. Lastly, the questions given were fairly easy to answer except for the one surrounding the district’s ability to pay for the IPod’s. This is because of the inability of participants to know the current updates and standards concerning the system.

In the end, all these components gave me better understanding and appreciation of conducting interviews for a specific study. It helped me recognize the appropriate skills needed in its facilitation and composition of questions that open up different ways wherein participants can respond but still address the issue at hand.

On the other hand, being interviewed is also a fun and fruitful experience on my part. This is because it allowed me to express my feelings and sentiments over the issues surrounding the topic. It is in here that I learned the topic the interviewer wishes to convey and the necessary feedbacks that can help me be acquainted with the topic.

Moreover, I had a good time communicating with my facilitator. Though most of the time she was the one who did most of the talking, she did not prevent me from expressing my opinions when I wanted to give one. It was also through my correspondence to the interviewers that I get to learn more about their lives. It was in here that I was able to decipher important values and principles that influence their decision making and ability to convey impact towards others.

Overall, these events generated further a familiarity about the importance of interviews and questionnaires in the facilitation and active recognition of research objectives. By allowing these events to take place, I can actively foster a response that is encompassing and holistic in its overall intention and reason. Such process then allows me to grow in different ways possible as I become immersed in different perceptions and opinions which in turn shape the way I view the world and society.

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