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Insight Into Character

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In a response of no less than two paragraphs, respond to each of the following questions. What happens to the characters Dade (“Star Food”) and Julian (“Everything that Rises Must Converge”) at the end of their respective stories? How are these two characters and their situations similar

Be sure to include evidence from the text to support your answer (Answer, Prove, Explain). Answer:
Both Dade and Julian where fixated on proving themselves right and defending their beliefs about how the world is now and how things should be. When the time came and they had their opportunity to make a stand and prove their views they were faced with a different outcome than they thought they would have. Dade didn’t react to the woman stealing from the store they way he had thought he would. After Dade caught her he looked at her and was filled with remorse and a little compassion so much that he could not do as he had planned. He let her go and felt the need to fallowing her till she disappeared and in doing that it changing his view of the world and opened his eyes to a truth he had not seen.

Julian having an opportunity to prove his point about the world changing and him wanting to see him Mother faced with it didn’t go as he thought. After the negro woman slapped his mothers pocketbook from her hand for offering the negro boy a penny didn’t give him the outcome he wanted. He had an opportunity to show his mother the similarities in her and the black woman and prove his point with a different reaction. He saw that his desire to prove a point was not worth the price he paid and made proving his point not as important as he had thought. Both Dade and Julian wanted success in their lives and their parents viewed them differently than they viewed themselves. Their views of the world and the way things should be also differed from their parents. (20 points)

In his final lecture to his mother, Julian says: “You needn’t act as if the world had come to an end…because it hasn’t. From now on you’ve got to live in a new world and face a few realities for a change.” This statement is ironic because it applies to Julian more than to his mother. In a response of no less than 5 sentences, explain how this quotation applies to Julian at the end of the story and why it is ironic. Be sure to include evidence from the text to support your answer (Answer, Prove, Explain). Answer:

It applies to Julian because he had only been out of school for a year and was disappointed at not finding success as he had hoped. He had decided he would probably never find success. He needed to face his new reality and realize he was going to have to work hard to get to where he wanted to be. He needed to dealing with selling typewriters till he found an opportunity to write. He was himself acting as if the world was ending because he had not found success and needed to face a few realities. 25 points)

All of the selections in this unit address the concept of self-knowledge in some way. In a response of no less than two paragraphs, pick two of the selections and explain how they explore the ways in which characters either develop self-knowledge or their knowledge of themselves changes. Be sure to include evidence from the text to support your answer (Answer, Prove, Explain). Answer: The knowledge of the negros being much different from herself was changed when Julian’s mom saw the negro woman and her son on the bus. She realized they not only where wearing the same hat but where faced with the same issues and challenges. She saw that they both struggled to teach their sons what they saw to be right and corrected their son behavior in accordance with how they viewed things without realizing that the world had changed. She realized they both ignored their sons ability to adjust to the new ways of the world.

She realized they both where battling them to behave in a way in which they where accustom. She was not adjusting to the changing world. Julian’s mom saw that she and the negro woman where bitter towards the changes and would not adjust as their sons where. She realized that she was being condescending to the boy by offering him a penny. The shock of how she was viewed from on the other side was shocking to her. She saw that her old manners and graciousness had no worth in the new world. She was not who she thought she was. Her son was now treating her as she was treating him in training in the ways of the world. Julian realized that he needed to respect the old ways as well as abide by some of the new ways. He had realized that as much as he wanted to teach his mother a lesson that the outcome may not be worth it. He should have let her face the world in a way that she had been. He realized the guilt and sorrow that came with pushing too hard for others to realize change.

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