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Imperialism in the United States

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During the end of the 19th century to early 20th century there were numerous reasons for the United State to turn into an Imperialistic country. For example, there was lot and lots of economic, political, and strategic things that were happening throughout America and the rest of the world during this time period. Various industries such as investors including bankers and the new wealthy class were scared that the United States would soon produce more than it could ever use up and wanted to find new source of raw materials and markets for their products in new states. Besides, with Europe gaining control of undeveloped countries, Unites States businessmen were scared of competition in those countries, and for that reason favored states that would become market for goods mostly from United States. Consequently industrialist, investors, and businessmen eagerly pushed for an aggressive American policy overseas.

For instance, American economic interest highly increased the U.S.’s involvement in China. The potential of investment in China was an important reason for Secretary of States John Hay asking European leaders for an Open Door Policy in China i, which would allow all foreign nations to establish trading relations with China. However, spreading nationalistic movement in China evidenced that the U.S. intervention was not only unnecessary but also unwelcomed by most of the Chinese population. The United States also became an imperialistic country because of economic reasons. There were some groups that became big in economic socializations. The makers of cotton and iron goods have been interested in imperialism. This group of interest has strengthened big industries such as ship-owners and industries for colonial raw materials. Also the producers of telegraph and railway materials and other supplies used by the government are big in imperializing the most powerful business groups are the bankers this helps all the other groups.

If we didn’t have the bank these groups wouldn’t exist they count on the bank for loans. Also we should become an imperialistic country because “fate has written our policy for us; the trade of the world must and shall be ours”. American economic interest highly increased the United States involvement in China. The investment in china was important reason for secretary of state asking European leaders for an open door policy in China which would allow all foreign nations to establish trading relations with China. However, spreading nationalistic movement in China evidence that the Unites States intervention was not only unnecessary, but also unwelcomed by most of the Chinese population. During this time period it showed political reasons for America to expand included the strategic locations for military bases and coaling stations in the Pacific Ocean.

The United States also started a war with Spain because we have a lot of trade and business relations; when the lives of the citizens are in constant danger and their poverty destroyed and themselves reunited the trading vessels are liable to seizure and are seized at our very door by warships of a foreign nation can start a war! That’s a reason why the Unites States is an imperialistic country. Also they believe that the Unites States must expand according to lodge because the great nations of earth are rapidly absorbing all the unclaimed places in the world it’s a movement that spreads civilizations and advances the human race.

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