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Impact of the Internet on the Business World

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In last decades, the Internet has become an essential element in many fields (Oct, 2000). The world became a smaller circle where everyone can communicate, deal; trade with far distanced people easily. There were some researches that show the large number of Internet users all over the world such as university students and businessmen and women in particular. The Internet has an obvious influence on nowadays businesses in different ways. It has affected it dramatically all over the world. This research paper will discuss both positive and negative changes that have appeared recently on the business world as a result of using the Internet, focusing of m-commerce and e-commerce strategies.


Some researches agreed that the Internet have effected the business positively. It has many advantages in the development of business. First, the important role that m-commerce plays in changing business. M-commerce is defined as the use of wireless devices such as; mobile phones, laptops, iphones, and other devices that require network in order to interact, deal and transact some deals in business. (June, 2002) Nowadays, business cannot be completed without any of these devices in order to transfer information and business dealings. Actually, many companies’ deals could be done with only one click by using electronic mails. Business trade have nourished lately between developed countries according to the flexible usage of internal and external emailing method.

Second, the development of e-commerce such as; EBay and amazon online locators have a huge impact on the business world. E-commerce is the method of selling and buying goods through online by displaying and selecting the item desired. People can pay for these items by credit cards or even cash when the item is delivered. Several small businesses have started from these online shops where people can easily sell and buy stuff and goodies needed. According to (L, Rao (2011)), eBay earnings have been raised in 2011 to about 25% comparing to the same period in 2010, which is about $2.8 billion.

Based on the survey results done in 2007, it shows that 51.2% of the Internet users in the UAE have purchased items and services online (Research and studies in UAE, 2007). This high rate of online users has raised the UAE business economy through global world while providing an efficient growth in marketing.

On the other hand, according to Corkin, A. 2011, Internet have a big influence on both newspaper and music industry. With the different ranges and types of news latest updates on the Internet pages, the public has been less interested in buying the printed newspapers. People are more likely to use the Internet in order to read the latest news than buying newspapers that they used to have delivered to their house. Therefore, many newspapers companies have been closed with non-profits performance.

Here are some results behind the decline of newspapers buying in Jul. 4, 2009, by the atlantic’s megan Mcardrel.

105 newspapers have been shuttered.
10,000 newspaper jobs have been lost.
Print ad sales fell 30% in Q1 ’09.
23 of the top 25 newspapers reported circulation declines between 7% and 20%.

Some Other newspaper companies are trying to stay in business track by nourishing their businesses. They tend to get people’s attention by offering some discounts and free gifts handed with newspapers and magazines in order to gain best sellers.

Another aspect that is being affected in business is the music industry. Nowadays, you don’t need to buy an 8 track CD while you can actually download thousands of songs in digital formats wither it is ram-mp3 or even mp4. Music mega stores have fewer customers who are interested in buying actual CDs and cassettes.


While searching about the Internet impact on business, I have noticed the large number of people who are using the Internet to sell products, and it is obvious that they gain lots of profits behind these sells. Internet has brought the business to everyone. Also, advertisements could be done on the Internet in wild range where the consumer can look up for new trends of specific items easily. This thing help business to develop as more people interested in certain products will lead to more profits. However, non-developed countries may not be able to follow m-commerce businesses. Lack of awareness and technology might be an issue in this matter, as it will decrease the amount of profits in business between developed and non-developed countries.





Corkern, A. (2011). The Negative Effects of Technology in Our World. Retrieved January 14, 2011, from

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