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If I Were the President

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There was once a time when I escaped the hustles of the world. I found myself walking alone in a dark and lonely street. Trash was scattered everywhere and the street was filled with rats. I was deeply moved and saddened by the frightful sight. While I was walking down the street, I saw a boy. The boy had eyes similar to a jaguar’s but showed signs of depression; he was so thin that his bones were clearly outlined under his skin and his clothes were half torn, half worn. I approached the boy and asked, “Why are you staying in such a place?” He replied, “I have nowhere to go.” “Then why stay here? Where is your home? Where are your parents?” I asked. Tears began to flow from his eyes while he told me his story, “My father left us when I was still 5 and my mother was just a struggling housewife at that time. My mother had to find a job so that she could support our financial needs but the only job she could find paid a low salary.

To make matters worse, my brother had been infected with an unknown disease and was immediately rushed to the hospital. My mother was forced to work at a bar to earn extra money so she could pay for the hospital bill. Unfortunately my brother did not make it and died after several days. My mother had a mental breakdown because of the death of my brother and didn’t know where to get extra money to pay for my brother’s funeral. She then decided to leave me in this forsaken place and here I am now, waiting for death to come.” “Poor boy” I said while I hold him in my arms. “Come with me, we will go to your new home”. Then I carried the boy out of the lonely street.

It was in that time that I came to realize that the world, despite having many problems, was forgetting the lives of it’s youth that have been afflicted by many problems. It was my conscience that came to me and said to myself “what if I could help these people so the world would be a better place for them? What if I can divert the attention of the world from politics to the needs of the people? If I became the president, what would I do?” My mind is full of questions at that time so I said to myself “Enough said, I’ll start with my country!” then my long journey began.

If I were the president, I would hasten up the peace talks so there could be peace not war. After the sides have settled their differences, all of our soldiers will put down their guns and pick up a shovel to build eco-friendly houses for the homeless. The soldiers would also be helping out in the constructions of many infrastructures to improve the lives of many citizens.

If I were the president, there would be an economic boom in the Philippines that would make every expenses have a lower cost. Eco-friendly cars will roam the streets while smoke belching cars will be converted to solar-powered ones. Cleaning the dirtiest streets and converting recyclable trash into fertilizer while turning non-biodegradable trash into useful home furniture. Reforestation will be the key to revive the natural beauty of the Philippines. This will be the start of my “Green Revolution.”

If I were the president, I would strive to establish good relationships with other countries. The Japanese will be sharing their new technologies; the USA would help in maintaining peace in the country and training our police forces; and the Middle East would assist in our oil problems.

If I were the president, the poor will have no place in the society because they wouldn’t be poor anymore because of the “Equalize Treatment” policy. Equal treatment will reign along with the “First come, first served” policy. The rich will learn to pay respect to the poor because I will strive to demolish the upper class down to the lower class and establish the “equal” class. It will be a new start for everyone because everyone will start to be treated equally.

If I were the president there would be more schools that have low cost tuition fees that offer high quality education. But if the poor could still not afford the school’s tuition fees, I am willing to set up free schooling managed by education volunteers that will still offer quality education. If possible, all of the lessons thought in the schools should be applied in real life especially in emergency situations. The DepEd is going to tighten its accreditation level along with CHED so we can ensure that the future generation will learn to express themselves freely.

If I were the president, the justice system would be stricter and faster. The Chief Justice would not be chosen by the president, the Chief Justice would be selected by identifying the BEST judge in the Philippines according to the over-all experience of that particular judge. The courts would implement a “one mouth” policy while the cross-examination is in progress. There would be special courts for different types of cases and the hearings would not exceed the two weeks time limit. There would be court hearings for the whole week except for the weekends so that the court staff would have enough time to rest.

There would be even more projects in my mind that’ll boost the Filipino spirit and make the Philippines the BEST country in the world. It is my dream that the likes of the boy that I found on the lonely street would learn and grow up into one of FINEST Filipino people we ever have. One day when my term would end, my legacy will pass to the next rightful Filipino who will serve our country and make our country the FINEST country here on earth. It is his duty to maintain the status of the country and it is in his term that we will never face any problems again as long as he remains just.

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