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How Joval Gan Motivates

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The person that I’m going to introduce is Joval Gan. A humble and driven guy with huge goal in life. Since young, Joval was inspired to become a civil engineer. After he graduated from NTU, he starts to plan his future ahead and think of the lifestyle that he wants for himself and his future family. He did a game plan where he planned his future 5, 10 and 20 years ahead. His 5-year plan is to earn his first million dollars by the age of 30. His 10-year plan is to own 10 properties. And lastly his 20-year plan is to retire but still able to give his love ones around him a good and comfortable life. Joval then came to realize that being an civil engineer is not going to allow him to achieve what he want. Joval struggled for a while to decide if he should fulfill his life long dream of being a civil engineer or to go for a career switch.

But as a goal driven and focus person, Joval said to himself, instead of designing and constructing property for other people, why not live in the property himself when other people will design and construct for him. That was his turning point as he start to search for different career path and he finally found Appco Singapore, where he saw huge career progression and opportunities for him to grow. Joval started off in the company from ground level as a sales and marketing executive. It was a risk for him as he had zero experience prior to sales and he had his comfort zone when talking to people. But Joval said to himself, if he doesn’t risk himself, he would put his career and future family at risk. This is when he decided to put in his 100% effort and do his very best he can to succeed.

So how does Joval get others to do what he wants them to do? Firstly he do it himself first. Joval once said, “How you want your team to behave is how you behave. Every individuals in your team portray part of you”. Before he wants to motivate others, he motivates himself first. He influences himself with excitement, passion, hard work, and when people see it, they will come along. Joval always have big plan as well, so big that he is able to accommodate everyone in his team. He understands his people well and he breakdown his plan into parts and let each individual know that they’re part of his big plan.

Not only does this motivate his team member, having a big plan himself inspire his team member to have big plans for themselves as well. Joval always say this to his people, “If people are not laughing at your goal, your goal is not big enough”. Joval is also a systematic person. He always get his people to design a timeline, and get them to state what they want to achieve at certain stages through their career. By doing this, it creates a visible direction to what they want to achieve. As a good leader, Joval is also a good listener, he always ask for opinions and create room for people to be involve in his decision. He always put his team in front of him. This kind of action weakens the negative aspect of his ego-centeredness and opens deeper relationships with others. Because he believes by adding value to his people, they will add value to him as well.

So, did Joval achieve his goal he planned at the age of 25 years old back then? Yes he did and he achieved even more. At an age of 35 years old now, He’s the country head of Appco Singapore and Hong Kong, a multi-millionaire who owns 19 properties around the world, he enrolled his children to the best school in Singapore. His parents eventually retired when Joval was 28 years old and now he is able to give and provide the lifestyle that his family wants. Is he going to retire 10 years later at a young retirement age of 45 years old? We’ll see.

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