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How Do Different Factors Affect Osmosis

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In this investigation I will change the molar of sucrose solution to find the increase or decrease in mass change and also the higher or lower the mass change of the potato chip from its original weight will determine the rate of osmosis which has occurred. Hypothesis: My hypothesis is that changing the molar of sucrose solution will change the weight of a potato chip after a set time. Prediction: I predict that the higher the concentration of water outside of the potato (in the test tube) the more mass the potato will gain, however the higher the concentration of sucrose the more mass the potato will lose. So therefore the potato chips placed in 0 molar will gain mass, the chip placed in 1 molar will stay approximately the same and chip in molar 2 will lose mass. There are many things which may affect our experiment such as the volume of the sucrose and water solute liquid must be kept the same to make the test repeatable. We must also keep the weight of the chip the same constantly as it is an independent variable. Osmosis will allow the water Variables:

The independent variable is the concentration of the sucrose solution to water. The dependent variable is the change in weight of the potato chip after it has been in the sucrose and water solution. The control variables are; the size of the potato chip; the type of potato used; the total amount of sucrose solution and water; the temperature where the experiment takes place and the type of solute used in the experiment. These control variables are to uphold the reliability and fairness of the experiment also by doing this it results in more fair and precise data.

Equipment| What it is used for| Why it is needed to do this| NaCl Solution| To test whether higher different concentrations of water and sucrose affect osmosis.| So I will get valid and reliable results about factors that affect osmosis.| water| To go in the with the sucrose solution.| So I will get valid and reliable results about factors that affect osmosis.| Test tubes| To hold the solution. | To make it reliable and fair| Test tube holder| To hold the test tube in place.| For the results to be accurate and to stop the test tube from falling over.| Measuring cylinder| To measure out the correct amounts of solution i.e. sucrose and water.| To make the experiment fairer and accurate.| Stopwatch| To record the time the potato chips have been in the solution.| To make it more accurate and valid.| Weighing scales| To weigh out the potato chips evenly.| To make the experiment valid and justifiable. | knife| Used to cut out the potato in even chips.| To cut the potato into chips as efficient as possible.| Cutting board| For the potato to be cut on.| So one does not damage any other surface.| potato| Used as the substance to test for osmosis.| To get reliable and accurate results.| Potato chips| Used for osmosis, To test whether higher different concentrations of water and sucrose affect the weight of the chip.| Use for more practicality and efficiency.

Recorded Data

After collecting and recording the results, it could be seen that the higher the concentration of NaCl the potato chip was exposed to, the more weight it lost. Although the experiment was done as accurately as possible i.e. it was repeated three times for a more accurate result, however some outliers did exist. In experiment one the potato chip started out with 4.42g and after adding 0.25ml of Nacl it gained weight rather than losing.

Evaluating Procedures
The data that has been collected is of good quality due to the method that was used by my group. In my opinion the experiment was very successful; it went according to plan and produced a lot of good results. The timing, weighing of the chip before and after the experiment, measuring correct amount of sodium chloride solution all were correct and made the test very fair. On the other hand I think that we repeated the experiment we could improve it by repeating the experiment at least three more times to see if all results were around the same which would have improved the reliability of the results. Another way we could improve the experiment is by increasing the time that the potato chips stay in sodium chloride solution to allow more osmosis to happen and then giving us better results because it would show bigger differences between the different salt solution concentrations.

I think that the experiment wasn’t exactly accurate because it is nearly impossible to keep the potato chips surface area exactly the same which means slight differences in the rate that osmosis occurs meaning that the experiment doesn’t happen to be exactly accurate. We could have had scales that were to 3 decimal places, to ensure more precise results. We could have used pipettes to ensure much more accurate pouring of the sodium chloride solution and we could have left it for longer to ensure more time for osmosis to reach equilibrium and to have a better trend and change in mass.

Evaluating Results
The results that we got were quite accurate as it was repeated three times to ensure accuracy. Although maximum precaution was taken to avoid any outliers in the data, some still existed, 10 to be exact. For example, at 1.5 moles in experiment 3 the weight of the chip was 3.11g when 1.25 moles was 3.19g and 1.75 moles was 2.72g so that states that that the result for 1.5 was an outlier. However we repeated the experiment for 1.5 moles and got 2.98g which was a more suitable result. Validating data

I believe that results we have collected are sufficient enough to suggest that it supports the hypothesis. I say this because we have ended up with a lot of outliers, but on the contrary there is solid proof that the higher the concentration of water the more mass the potato will gain and the higher the concentration of sucrose the more mass it will lose (the lighter it will get).

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