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Hang It Up

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If you are a teacher? Wouldn’t you want your student to listen and not play with their cell phones? If than those students that didn’t listen are not going to pass any test or even get to the point of dropping out. But anyone who listened should be able to pass test and not drop out of school. So do you want your students to listen? Or will they just play with their cell phones. And maybe in a factual condition in the classroom, status if you’re going to let them use their cell phones In “Hanging it Up” Jesse Scaccia argues that cell phones are distractions which causes failure. She begins by pointing out that a handful of these students will fail the class, a number will not pass the Regents exam, and far too many will drop out of school. Therefore she argues that even through they have confiscated eight hundred cell phones, they are still being used. However, she notes that parents argue that they rely on cell phones for safety. She also notes that a student with a cell phone is an uninterested student, that has a short attention span and cares about social life more than education.

Next she offers an example that phones are a status symbol. She further clarifies that if students can store their phones in the locker is a joke. And if they have a cell phone, they will bring it into class. At the end, she concludes that parents should rally against crowding of the classroom, fight against the oppressive and culturally biased Rengents test. But they are wrong on the cell phone issue. She concludes that they, are the problem and not the solution. I agree with Jesse Scaccia of “Hang it Up” because the definition cell phone, distractions and classrooms and my own personal experience which is that if you text in class you will not be able to concrete on what is being taught and will not be able to pass test and it will take away attention of others that are trying to pay attention. Lets us look at the intensive definition of cell phone, distractions and classroom.

The intensive definition of cell phone as an portable usually cordless telephone for use in a cellular system. And the intensive definition of distraction is to cause to turn away from the original focus of attention or interest. Now classroom a place where group of students meet to focus attention on a particular subject. However, cell phones communicate with people outside the classroom. As a result, they draw away other student attention from learning. In my own personal experience, cell phone usage in a classroom isn’t good because I was sitting in class texting my friend in a different class when I got in trouble. The teacher asked me to read the last section of the chapter, and I didn’t know where we were. So he gave the class a lecture about cell phone usage in the classroom. I thought that It was unfair and that he was picking on me because he used me as an example.

He took it away for the rest of the class period and said if it happened again he would give it to my mom personally. But I didn’t believe that he would take my phone away, but he did. More importantly when I took the test in that class I did poorly because I was distracted by my cell phone. There are those who would agree that sometimes cell phones can be helpful in the classrooms to get information. However in these situations the teacher should make accommodations for this. For this reason I agree with Jesse Scaccia in “ Hang it Up” because cell phone are distractions which cause failure and hand full will fail class, not pass Regent exam and drop out of school. Also because of the definition of cell phone, distractions, and classroom. And my own personal experience that all phone usage isn’t good in classrooms because they get you in trouble, and you wont do good on test.

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