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Global Perspectives Assessment Paper

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The criminal justice system consists of three phases the police, courts and corrections. The focus of the criminal justice system is to ensure justice for all, by punishing the accused and rehabilitate while providing for the innocent (Garside, 2008). As the nation’s social, economic and technology age experience some key modifications, abroad crimes are pushing different challenges for the criminal justice systems. The most significant change is the growth of international crimes. These changes are forcing the criminal justice system to adapt to the changes in the types of crimes being committed and a growing need to understand the significance of how these crimes threaten the American borders. This paper will evaluate the globalization impact on the criminal justice system, compare and contrast the international criminal justice system, assess how cybercrime and technology affects the justice system. In the discussion will also be how the policing systems differ on a global spectrum, and identify some of the major crimes that affect the justice systems. When talking about the term “globalization” one must first understand its meaning and how it refers to the criminal justice system.

Globalization can be broadly defined as avoidable harms, which can spread across national borders for financial and economic gain (Gilbert & Russell, 2002). As the responses to the globalization continue to evolve, the needs of the criminal justice system must make changes at all levels. These changes must occur with the policy and law with significant importance on educating and providing training for specialist. Along with training and education there is a great need for the criminal justice professional to understand the difference in cultures and practices, as well as the legal aspect of other countries (Ward, 2000). There is a selection of motives that crimes internationally in the United States are in connections with the rise of global crimes, because of the many immigrants fleeing from poverty, cruelty, or cultural conflict. Some 20 percent of the richest populations, consist of 86 percent of the income.

These rich countries have internet users of 91 percent, regulating 82 percent of exports, and retaining 74 percent of the lines for telephone usage (Longworth, 1999). Globalization has initiated substantial breaks for criminals to extend their business especially in the area of sales and trade. Economic globalization has broadened trade, finance, travel, communications, technology, cultural, and political changes. The increase has put great difficulty in separating criminal activities from legitimate global transactions. The criminal justice system has crimes that expand outside their borders because of globalization. While the issues continue to broaden the crack amongst the rich and poor nations. The increase in migration all over the world compromises the collective configuration of some areas and put fresh legal proceedings on public order (Longworth 1999).

However, there is some perception that the immigrants are to blame for the increase in crime, when, in fact, the percentage of crimes committed by immigrants is relatively low. These perceptions are because many think that the crimes committed are from a certain geographic area where there is a large population of immigrants (Ward, 2000). Nevertheless, this has caused an influx of organized crimes and retaliation against others who are in disagreement with the newly changing pace of America. The challenges are solely not because of the criminal justice system lack of effort to deal with the issues, but because of the fast pace in which the crimes are occurring. Globally there are millions of people who can represent a major concern to global concerns and crimes. The advancement of technology and transportation has made it simply impossible not to have concerns on the how global crimes affect the structure of America. There is also the common citizens, not to mention the bond between countries (Ward, 2000).

Crimes both local and global has become a major problem within the criminal justice system because there is much movement allowed. Gang and drugs dealers are allowed to travel freely and operate globally to conduct business and are unnoticed. The steps taken by the local, state and federal government must be those that recognize the changes from a broad spectrum because the crimes are advancing, which make it harder to caught the criminal activity. As the spectrum continues to grow so does the crimes that are occurring globally. In addition, to the already known crimes others are being added to complicate the criminal justice system further in combatting the problem. The internet has become a gateway for cybercrimes, narcoterrorism, hacking and an influx of global transactions not to mention the old crimes of drug dealing, human trafficking, prostitution and others. The new and old crimes combined further impact the criminal justice system because the crime might entail the jurisdiction of other countries that could pose a problem for policing agencies.

The impact on the criminal justice system is harder because of trying to track to the source of the crime. (Ward, 2000). Global crimes have an impact on policing at every level from local law enforcement to the FBI. Currently, several agencies have established relationships with other countries so help in combatting crimes abroad when there is a US citizen involved. The policing is much different in other countries than in our local departments. The purpose of law enforcement is to the protection of one’s on society and not to complicate matters within other countries jurisdiction (Balzer, 1996). Policing, on state, local, and federal level all have responsibilities that are similar. Although each serves a different branch of the government they still uphold the law and protect and serve. Although the different agencies have a great need to protect and serve when they have issues that are global, the sharing of information is vital to combatting the problem.

Each branch of the government must work together to combat not only local crimes, but those abroad, and communication is of critical essence to combat the fight against global issues. It is difficult to police globalization as different countries, and criminal justice systems maintain separate and distinct laws and regulations. There is a common law, civil law, Islamic Law, and Socialist Law traditions. Common law originated in England during the middle ages period and became part of the British continents. Our civil law system originated in Europe and became part of the European colonies. Common law (un-codified) is statutes made based on precedent, which is decisions already set by similar cases. Civil Law (codified) is a law that pertains to a specific matter brought before the courts with continuous up to date codes. These codes differ with the categories of the law (The Robbins Collections School of Law the University of California at Berkley, n.d.).

Islam is a combination of church and state. The law system holds true to all religious laws, and the laws reflect the religion. This law is bound to what is necessary of and individual and what is within their rights. The Islamic law (Shari’ah) is not just a system of law, but a code of conduct in which a person must adhere to in both private and public activities (Coulson, 2014). Socialist law is the law that began during the Cold War and were the practice in most communist states. It is from the civil law and the ideology of Marxist-Leninist. This law is based on the facts that individuals should have the right to ownership of property within their jurisdiction As global boundaries become extra absorbent, and as diverse legal and political systems are further integrated, the legal aspect of numerous activities are in question. In countries such as Rwanda there are the global issue of genocide, war crimes and crimes of inhumanity.

4According to the Office of Criminal Justice, there are policies to hold those accountable for this enormity (U.S. Department of State, n.d.). The fight against this type of global crime against humans does not only exist in Rwanda. These crimes also happen in other countries such as Yugoslavia, Sierra Leone, Cambodia, Kenya, Libya, Guatemala and other places in the world. This genocide that occurred was one of greed and power which goes back to the other issues of global crimes. In some countries, there are issues of non-importance where others view issues differently.

The crimes were said to be about some tribal hatred, but it was just more so over common day dictatorship. The issues that Rwanda faced not only open ways to see that these problems exist elsewhere in the world but help to shed the light on global crimes in other countries (Shah, 2006). The government is working diligently with other international institutions and organization to bring justice and truth to those responsible for this enormity. These crimes are not a problem that will end overnight, but with the right resources in place those responsible will be held accountable. With justice, the victims and families will get the assistance they need to rebuild their lives (U.S. Department of State, n.d.).

Globalization has contributed to increased economic equality among and within nations. Not only do poor people perceive themselves as losers in the process of globalization, they have little incentive to adhere to rules that they perceive to be adverse to their interests. Although organized crime imposes excessive burdens on society, particularly those who are directly affected it continues. In order to combat these modifying and changing environments, the criminal justice system of America which consists of courts and correction and police are now facing serious issues of new forms of criminality. However, the overall influence of global crimes has put pressure on the government. Considering an increasing recognition and the significance of international cooperation, emerging threats on the border of United States and the explosion of new techniques of committing crimes.

The response of the United States towards global impact on criminal activities requires significant changes in policy and law, putting more emphasis on the training and education of practitioners from top to bottom of the government. Furthermore, considering the language and culture, the criminal justice practitioners of the coming days should be knowledgeable of the laws of other countries. One most intriguing areas about globalization and most likely the most successfully. The impact on a worldwide scale, criminal justice systems must work in unison with one another in recognizing serious crimes and criminal issues. That pose a threat to the global impact on criminal justice systems and the processes in all countries.

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