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Interpersonal Relationship Essays

Another Raca

Richard Loving, a white construction worker, and Mildred Jeter, an African, native American woman had fallen in love. The couples simply wanted to celebrate their love by getting married. According to the Virginia state law, interracial marriage was illegal. The law that states people of different races cannot marry reveal …

Flower Wedding

Further, there is no evidence that the surrounding circumstances of same sex wedding will convey Petitioner’s floral arrangements as an “expressive speech” in support of same sex marriages. Unlike in Tinker, where the bandanas represented a well-known public symbolism of opposition to the Vietnam War, the display of floral arrangements …

Problems Faced By The Lapami Community

The murder of Matthew Shepard, a gay college student, in the town of Laramie depicts the harsh violence and chauvinism that the LGBTQ community frequently faced during the time. Several societies across the globe faced varied problems ranging from unemployment, drug addictions, racial discrimination, gender inequality, and natural phenomenon. It …

The MSM Blood Deferral 

The MSM Blood Deferral shouldn’t be allowed because it’s discriminatory against a certain group of people based on their sexual orientation. There are other plausible ways to make sure people stay safe from HIV.This deferral is targeting homosexuals and has been in place for more than thirty years because of …

The Amerimunc Position Paper

Some form of prison is generally accepted as necessary that institution that every civilized society must have to function effectively. That being said, if prisons truly do need to exist, they need to be devoid of corruption and unjust treatment. Currently, there are copious amounts of people are met with …

Problems With Quality Health Care

Challenges in accessing quality care and achieving positive health outcomes as compared to their heterosexual and cisgender peers. The LGBTQ youth of today’s society receive poor quality of care due to stigma, lack of health care providers’ awareness, and the insensitivity to the unique needs of this community. LGBT youth …

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Private Schools

There are many benefits of private schools, but there are many drawbacks as well. The main drawback is the lack of allowance of self-expression and individualism. We cannot allow private schools to limit the self-expression that students have. There needs to be a change to allow students to be individuals …

   The Importance of the Coaching Relationship

Introduction In the past two years, the pendulum has shifted and leadership have become the center focus in today’s business structures. Organizations are focused more on developing variations of leadership styles while implementing mentorship programs and ideologies that would create more influential growth. Business are now investing more money into …

Our Students Are Being Forgotton: The Importance of LGBTQ And Sexuality Education

This paper explores sexuality education within public schools in America, focusing on LGBTQ+ sexuality education topics, based upon research conducted from scholarly articles and print books. It has been found that sexuality education has changed little over time, from its inception within American public schools in the early 1900’s to …

Drug Abuse is a Serious Sociological Issue

Drug abuse, also called substance abuse, is a serious sociological issue that has plagued public health for the last century. It affects almost every family and group in some way. Each year drug abuse produces millions of serious health dilemmas among Americans. Some of the commonly abused drugs include cocaine, …

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