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Discipline Essays

Recipe to Success: Winning the Regional Science Investigatory Project 

As it was our first time to join a Regional Science Investigatory Project, my students and I were very hopeful and excited. Winning was our goal but alongside it was our aim to enjoy the moment for this very good opportunity. There are so many factors that I believed help …

Yoga: serious discipline

The discipline of yoga claims that to identify the self with the mind or the body is to be mistaken. This concept of the true self is presented and formulated in different texts, including the Upaniṣads, the Bhagavad-Gītā, and the Yoga-Sūtras of Patanjali. A thread that connects these three works …

Is anthropology the Fundamental Discipline concerned with Humans?

Anthropology, according to the literal definition is an academic discipline for the study of human beings (anthro means human beings and logy means to study). It studies human under other biological, cultural, economical, and social layers. It is a study focusing on all the aspects of human beings, i.e., how …

Discipline and Corporal Punishment

            The question of whether it is wise to employ corporal punishment in disciplining a child is one of the most hotly-debated issues in the country today. On one side of the debate, advocates defend their use of the method in disciplining their children because, according to them, their own …

Freedom & Discipline

Montessori’s definition of discipline The Montessori meaning of discipline is not the kind of external discipline, that is something the teacher does to control or command the child, for “listening doesn’t make a man”. Rather it is the child who internalizes the rules and feels that he/she is responsible for …

Foucault Discipline and Punish

Michel Foucault in Discipline and Punish and The History of Sexuality, demonstrates that the tools of disciplinarity (which emerged in the confluence of critical, historical upheavals immediately preceding the modern age, such as geometric demographic expansion, reconfiguring global financial and mercantile apparatuses, the redefinition of territorial boundaries through global explosion …

Research Writing Across the Discipline

I. Targets and Objectives The learners are expected to: a. determine the purpose of research writing across discipline; b. discuss the process of making a research writing; c. distinguish the fields of research writing across discipline; and d. know the concept and principles of research writing across discipline; II. Topic …

The Effects of Using Physical Punishment to Discipline Children

The effects of using physical punishment to discipline children When deciding on how to discipline children you have to ask yourself some questions. Does the discipline stop the behavior? How many times have you received physical punishment for discipline as a kid? How many times have you repeated the bad …

As A Demand Driven Discipline

Introduction Auditors are responsible to provide an independent opinion on the true and fair view of the financial statements after he has acquainted himself with all the relevant and reliable evidences with the client. Auditor is expected to a professional adroit with sufficient proficiencies and competence to assess whether the …

Marketing is a cross-functional discipline

Marketing is a cross-functional discipline, relying heavily on, and developing links with other departments within the organization in order to be successful. Historically, organisations have developed by dividing tasks into manageable working units, with individual departments taking on specific roles. In all of this, organisations tended to fall into one …

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