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GAMIDS+ v3 with dean inputs

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Technology opened a lot of doors for doing tasks easier and one of this is by using automated systems for processing data faster and more efficiently. Automation of things surpassed how manual process works because companies or organizations were able to save resources by removing or lessening its man power and improving the quality of service thus getting better feedbacks and gathering data is much convenient than before. Technology also plays a big part when it comes to security and monitoring people, it can provide accurate and efficient results when used properly and correctly.
The Tarlac State University (TSU) is a public university located in Tarlac City, Philipines. Establish in 1906, TSU is the premier academic institution of higher learning in the province providing different degree programs over its ten colleges and three campuses across Tarlac City. With a population around 15,000 students, making TSU as one of the biggest education institutions in Tarlac City.

The TSU is currently using a Gate Access Monitoring and Identification System (GAMIDS) which was implemented on 2013 on its entry points utilizing the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and turnstiles as a portal for people to enter the university’s premises.
The current system works when a person taps his/her RFID on the reader, the system will read it and retrieve its data from the system’s database, the data of that person will be displayed on the monitor which are located on entrances as well as automatically logging that person’s record to the system for generating reports if needed.

The existing system can only grant access to allow the person to enter the university premises if his/her RFID is a registered and working card but it doesn’t count the total people entered and left. The existing system also doesn’t have a turnstile to handle people leaving the university. Unregistered persons and visitors entering have to undergo to a manual process which they have to log themselves on a log book before going in. Tracking and monitoring the total population of each campuses is also not present in the existing system. The existing system is not integrated also to the university’s Infotext System. With the problems stated above, this gives an idea for the researchers to continue and improve the existing system to address this issues for the advancement and better service of the university through enhancement.

For the enhancement of the existing system named “GAMIDS”, the researchers will update and add new functionalities and capabilities for the improvement of security and better notification management.
In managing security, especially on an institution’s premises, monitoring and checking the people going in and out is usually done in a manual process. A gate access control for monitoring and identifying system is a system which allows security checking and handling of people going in and out to be more secured and automated. Verifying the people entering and leaving plays a vital role in an institution’s security and are one of the most crucial and fundamental process and requires extensive effort in order to accomplish. Having accurate and reliable data to refer if needed is also critical for viewing and generating reports. Fast and easy notification to students and parents is important also for better and more efficient announcements and warnings management.

The purpose of this enhancement is to improve furthermore the existing system by enhancing its functions to increase its capabilities. This are to improve the areas of security, tracking and monitoring management, people handling, better generation of reports and efficient notification management. By integrating it to the university’s Infotext System, managing announcements will be easier. Adding a dedicated turnstile at each exit points of the university to monitor the people vacating the premises of the university will improve how it manage and track people going in and out which increases security. With the ability to track and monitor the people entering and leaving the university’s premises, getting the summary of the total people entered the university, per campus, college and year level can be easily generated as a report which can be used as a useful information if needed.

The general objective of the project is to enhance an existing system to further enhance and improve its functionalities and capabilities. The enhanced system will be entitled “Gate Access Monitoring and Identification System Plus (GAMIDS+)” which the study targets to achieve the following:
To enhance the existing system.
Module for Administrator
Manage Accounts
Manage Announcements
Manage Reports
Manage Students
Manage Personnel
Manage Visitor
Module for Security Personnel
View Students
View Personnel
Add Visitor
Module for Student
Update Entry Record
Update Exit Record
To evaluate the enhanced system based on the following:
Administrator’s / User’s Evaluation
Ease of Use
Graphical User Interface
IT Expert’s Evaluation
Database Design
The existing system that will be enhanced will be capable of notifying students and parents using Short Messaging Service (SMS). The enhanced system can notify parents if their children entered the university premises using SMS, it can handle the people leaving the premises and can also count the total number of people entered and vacated. The enhanced system can also generate reports.
Since the system is specifically for handling people entering and tracking its entry and exit records, it does not monitor the people inside vehicles which enters the university’s premises. The system also requires electricity to run and any power interruptions could disable the system.

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