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Following Orders

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When one enlists in the united states military, they take the following oath I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. When one takes that oath they sear to do whatever they are told regardless of how stupid they think the order is. Following orders is essential to the proper operation of :the machine” or aka the military. Orders are called orders because that’s what they are, orders. They are not some type of suggestion. If you were in heat of battle and someone higher up said stock up the ammo and you dissregarded it and the next thing you know you are shooting, run out of ammo, and you are dead. Orders saves live. There is no time for second thoughts or suggest other options. Soldiers learnhow to follow orders and carry them out in basic training. Drill sergeants scare trainees so they get ito the mentatility of following orsders and to become the best soldier they can.

When I was in training we had to carry drinks a certain way or get smoked. Its all about following orders. If one doesn’t follow orders they get counseled and eventually if they don’t listen, they’ll get punished under either Atricle 90, 91 or 92. Article 90 states any person subject to this chapter who willingly disboeys a lawyful command of his superior commissioned officer shall be punsiehd if they offense is commited in time of war by death or such other punishment as a court martial may direct and if the offense is commited at any other time, by such punishments other than dearth, as a court martial may direct. Article 91 states any warrant officer or enlisted member who willingly disobeys the lawful order of a warrant officer, non commissioned officer or petty officer. Depending on how severe the order was and how important it was to the success of the mission, decides your fate. You can be discharged from the military with no benefits what so ever. The major repercusssion is death, but I is usually only during a time of war.

Every person regardlerss of being in the military or not have followed orders since they were born. Parents, teachers bosses police officers, etc. even not obeying orders as a child growing up has reprecussions such as getting grounded or not getting what you want. Showing up late to work means you are more likely to get fired. The more we follow orders the more we a custom to following them without even a second thought and become second nature. Following orders prepares for the world and life ahead of us. As long as there is a system of following orders, the world will be controoled and without chaos. What would it be like if the would and society didn’t follow orders or the rules. Everyone would do what they wanted to they would be and no one would have a sense of direction. The government would collapse and in the long run the world would probably end as we know it. The main reason why one should and needs to follow orders is to show disciple. Discipline and following orders go hand in hand with one another. Disciple is doing the right thing even when no one is looking. Good leaders lead by example. They follow every order given to them without hesistation.

Soldiers are taught disciple day 1 of basic and throughout the rest of their life, because you never stop learning. A good soldier let alone every soldier sho0uld be able to follow roders and execute that order in a timely and effective mannier because one of the main sarifies a soldier has to make it sigving up the ability to do what they want and being able to execeute the order no matter how hard or bad that is it to follow. Even if you think of a way to do an order easier or to simplifithe order that’s the wrong asnwer. A soldier will do exactly as told by his or her superior by details which brings me to another aspect that goes with follow orders and discipline attention to deatails. Scuees in any endeavor requires single minded attention to deatil and total concentration in this quotes success would be following an order and comkpleteing task.

If you nco gives you an order to replace and engine in a humvee and shoes yo how to remove it you need to pay very close attention to deatil to ensure you put it back together properly. If you don’t pay attention and just let some details stay intact and some in one ear and out the other, you are going to make the humvee non mission capable because you could forget to put the timing cover back on or how to hook up the radiator and without those parts, you can ruin the engine even more. This goes for everything else, not just mechanics.

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