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Finding Forrester

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“Finding Forrester,” demonstrates the development of a bond between two individuals who, on the surface appear to be from opposite sides of the world. We have a black sixteen year old born and raised in the Bronx, being raised by a single mother with his whole life yet to be lived. Jamal, the sixteen year old is full of aspiration, energy, spunk, and knowledge he wishes to keep to himself. He keeps this secret for various reasons; his mom Mrs. Wallace reveals one, “he doesn’t want to stand out” (Finding Forester).

This is a fascinating film that teaches us how two eople who are polar opposites find not only common ground, but a lifelong friendship. Sean Connery plays William Forrester, a Scottish, silvered haired, Caucasian, elderly fellow living In a secluded top story apartment in the Bronx. Forrester exists in his apartment viewing the outside world only through his window, using a pair of binoculars. Looking at these two Individuals from the outside only, knowing nothing about their wants, their needs, and their desires makes one think, Forrester and Jamal would be least likely to become connected.

We learn throughout the movie these beliefs are fallacies. We will see how two people completely opposite on the surface become tightly intertwined, as well as dependent on each other after reaching several milestones. upon accepting a challenge, better known as a dare, Jamal finds himself in Forrester’s top story apartment in amazement. After secretly entering the apartment he finds multiple bookshelves full of classical books, some of which he recognizes. He also finds an educational television program, “Jeopardy’ playing.

Jamal Is startled by Forrester; Jamal drops his backpack, rushes out the door, down the stairs to his buddies who are waiting for proof he was supposed to retrieve rom the apartment. Jamal regains ownership of his backpack after it is dropped to the ground out of Forresters apartment window. He opens it amazed to find the proof he put In there for his buddies was missing. However his Journals had been looked through and written in. Not only were his Journals looked through and marked In; they were actually edited by Forrester.

Forrester took the time to give Jamal direction, some positive criticism as well as acceptance; all of these things are something Jamal was secretly searching for. This simple instance was only the beginning of something phenomenal, yet unlikely. Jamal took his backpack home, went to his bedroom, which was also full of classical books, some duplicates of those he found in Forrester’s apartment. He proceeded to look through all of his “edited” journals, and with little thought he made a decision to go to Forrester’s the following day.

Jamal went to the top story apartment where he was not welcomed to come in, due to the fact Forrester felt betrayed by Jamal for going through his apartment the night before. Forrester felt his privacy and comfort zone was being attacked. Well, this was no different than how Jamal felt when he first realized Forrester had gone hrough his things. Now we see both of these fellows have more than classical books and writing in common. Both of them are secretive, afraid to open their hearts for the fear of having them broken or in this case crushed to pieces again.

After being given and passing a few personal tests of trust and responsibllltles, Jamal was finally invited to enter Forrester’s dimly lit apartment. Forrester’s somewhat cold tests along with absorbs more knowledge given to him. Jamal was eager to learn and eventually Forrester was ready to share. Jamal finds himself in a situation where he needs a father like figure for advice and guidance. Jamal has been picked to attend a Prep School, a free ride reflecting on both academic and athlete abilities.

Much to Jamal’s surprise, Forrester not only accepts the open role of a fatherly fgure, but also a brother type. Forrester basically commends Jamal on his writing and asks him, “Just what is it you want to do with your life? A question your present school cannot answer for you” (Finding Forrester). Filled with various emotions Jamal accepts the offer to attend Maylor Callow, one of the finest schools on the East Coast. Deciding to go to a new school was a challenge in itself, new school, new location, and ew [different clothing was only the beginning of the obstacles ahead of Jamal.

During Jamal’s first week, or so, of attendance at Maylor Callow he realized there were even more complex challenges; challenges in which he felt helpless, hopeless and unable to conquer on his own. He found himself turning to his newfound friend Forrester for advice, strong logical advice. This astonishing bond we see evolving is heartwarming, a young African American who is father less and an elderly man who is without immediate family still grieving the death of a brother who died as a result of an automobile accident years ago.

Jamal and Forrester seem to be filling cavities within each other’s lives, cavities both men believed would be empty forever. Forrester continues to bring out Jamal’s hidden intelligence, while Jamal continues to bring Forrester back to life; they are fulfilling needs of one another. Forrester’s apartment filled with dusty stacks of books and furious sounds of clicking of a typewriter becomes a place where the two writers laugh, argue, learn, and dedicate themselves to the one thing that once and for all binds them together… love for the written word.

Forrester finds himself awakening to the outside world he has shut ut for more than forty years; a step forward, and him feels that he owes Jamal. Part of this awakening occurs one evening when Jamal shows up at Forrester’s with baseball tickets in his hand. Jamal was impatiently waiting for Forrester to get ready when he comments, “Come on I paid money for these tickets” (Finding Forrester). Finally Forrester is dressed and ready to go; he is dressed for cold, sunny weather. He is wearing a long coat, a bulky scarf and his sunglasses. He appears to be ready, but is he?

Upon arriving at Yankee Stadium the two friends lose one another in the enormous crowd. Forrester is lost, which causes a role reversal. Jamal now becomes the protector the fatherly fgure. Jamal yells for Forrester several times. When Jamal eventually finds Forrester he is curled up in a corner scared and sweating. Jamal comforts him and then then takes him to one more place, down to the field; after all today is Forrester’s birthday. Forrester decides to open his heart and tells Jamal about his family. Forrester explains to Jamal, “Within a five month period my brother, mother, and father were all buried in the Bronx.

Jamal replies, “The rest of those have gone before us cannot steady the unrest of those to come” (Finding After returning from their adventure Forrester says, “goodbye,” then Forrester). quickly closes the door and locks it, as if to lock himself in and everyone else out. A few days following, Forrester finds himself out of his apartment and on his bicycle going to assist Jamal out of another, yet more complicated conflicts at school with his son, a brother for a brother, or a friend for a friend. Forrester and Jamal conquered this conflict Just as they had conquered the others in recent past, with ease and comfort.

While leaving the school Forrester tells Jamal he is leaving, going to Scotland. Lives were changed, bonds were created and needs were fulfilled. As Forrester says in the movie, Losing family obliges us to find our family, not only the family that is our blood, but the family that cannot become our blood. And should we have the wisdom to op our door; we will find the wishes we once had for the father who once guided us, or the brother who once inspired us. The only thing left to say will be, I wish I had seen this, or I wish I had done that… Most are too young to know what your wishes will be, but when I read these words… rds of hope, dreams I realize, the one wish that I was ranted to me so late in life was the gift of friendship (Finding Forrester).

“For if we wait too long, we risk learning that life is not a game that is won… or lost… it is a game that, too often, simply isn’t played” (Finding Forrester). Finding Forrester is a must see this is a heartwarming and inspiring movie about trials and tribulations that all of us face to find our place in the world. The movie does not only teach us the power of words, but we can also learn the importance of loyalty, friendship, and best of all overcoming our fears with the help of someone we admire.

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