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Fights Against Slavery in US History

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As we know Daniel Webster was well known as a very experienced and excellent congressman who was known by many and was elected in 1813. In one of his speeches where he is responding to South Carolina Senate Robert Hayne’s about how the state should have the right to protect their liberty and other federal laws. When Webster starts to announce his speech, he states that the constitution was created for the people and for them to be benefited by it. While the government and the state government both receive their resources from the constitution and clarifies that most people agreed to the constitution because it prevents wars and other types of conflicts. Many people did question the constitution, but Webster’s clarification is that they used it as a form of preventing them to be a confederation as they were a while back. As Webster added he suggested that they in order to keep the union to prosper by emphasizing liberty which was the way the they could prosper for them and for the other generations to come. In 1820 the high tariff law was passed which charged tax on all exported goods come to the docs on the US which affected South Carolina which who the benefited from many exported good or benefited from trading many goods from other countries. South Carolina rapidly responded to congress saying that the government just wanted to benefit from all the good others are providing and making them more expensive than they are.

In my opinion I believe that Webster does have a reason to provide all the facts about the constitution. He states that the government and the states government receive all their resources from it. Webster’s meaning about that was the constitution is split into three different branches and all of them share the exact same about of power and make sure non-get to powerful from the others. As we continue to see the constitution plays a huge part of the world today such as it did back in the day. Reasons for that was the exact same reason Webster gave, which was that with out the constitution we would continue to be Confederate and be a part of the Articles of Confederation which we all know did not end very well.

As the conflict is between the Northern and Southern states such as the conflict was with the Abolitionist, Free-soiler, and farmers who were anti-slavery and slavery expanding to the north towards the 36’30 line. Many plantation owners and other big businesses located in the north were some of the few people that agreed for the expansion of slaves to the north because they would benefit from it and can make more money by not paying them, In the 1850 a law named “Fugitive Slave Act” was issued which let all white males claim a black person as their property even though they would be in a free state. Many Northerners were not very happy about this law passing and they had to take action towards the situation, their plan was to nullify the federal law, which is infect almost related to the case of Rayne’s senator of South Carolina.

As we see in the 1st cartoon the southerners are making the northerner states become slave states, but they do not agree and start to nullify the state government. In the second political cartoon they are portraying the situation a different way that they did in the 1st cartoon. In matter affect the picture is telling us that the northerners aren’t the only one wanting to nullify the Fugitive Slave Act, but they are also persuading the Southerners to nullify the law. The Northerners(abolitionist) were also against the speech that Webster gave to the people and how he criticized the South Carolina government to nullifying laws against many issues and this caused for the separation of both unions to break apart. We can see that slavery is a huge problem in the 1850’s but there is also a huge problem with the Indians also called “Bleeding-Kansas”. Many farmers who were protecting their property got so much attention from the southerners because Kansas could have been a slave state but could lose them because of all the violence that has been spreading all around Kansas. The act of 1854 called the Kansas-Nebraska act was goes back to the 1st political cartoon where they would expand slavery passed the 36’30 line where but all of the free-soliers want to spread themselves around the same area but they are all poor and cannot compete with free labor they will provide them with. Kansas and Nebraska are considered free states which the slave owners are not going to like because of the 36’30 line and many conflicts started because of this situation.

Many people may say that the Northerner and the Southerners have been very violent with the federal law which is very true. The Reason the violence started, and the union splinted apart was most likely because of the Nebraska-Kansas Act.

In 1857 Dreed Scott who was owned by a white male military doctor who haven to live in Illinois a Northerner territory which means that slavery was not allowed. His owner viewed all black people as property and they were only born to serve the white and the wealthy, but it was ironic because he was in a free state where black people are not allowed to apply the rights of the Declaration of Independence and these were also not counted as citizens of the united states. When Dred Scotts case was brought up to the court many different Supreme Court officials were in fact supporters of slavery 5 of the 9 judges who were in the court were in an agreement for slavery. On March 6th, 1857 the Supreme Court wrote that Scott was not considered a free man whether he were to be in Illinois or Wisconsin since he is not considered to be a person in the Constitution of the US, Scott was mostly looked upon as a property or a wondering piece of trash and cannot be looked up as a person. In the next document where Fedrick Douglass was an abolitionist but what sets him aside from the other ws that he was an African American who lead others. He ws a very well put together man who wrote many different books and in those he explained all the injustices and cruelty slaves had to go through on a day to day bases. Besides being an Abolitionist he ws also a supporter of women suffrage acts and supported them though their har journey. Douglass was also invited to give one of his most famous speeches where he basically says his opinion on what he thinks slave owners are missing in their like and that they are not loved by god. Both Scott and Douglass had to go through rough times and many humiliations form Scott getting denied his freedom because all black human was so be a citizen if they have a drop of African American blood in them and to Douglass argument that “all men are created equal” which was not true when slavery was still around.

The “irrepressible conflict” is a problem between the confederates and the union over the issue that has been dividing the north and the south which is slavery. William H Steward had his opinion to the situation clarifying that he sees it as a form of conflict that affects should be abolished and taken away. Alexander is representing the Confederacy as a form of defended contributed of the formation of the government. The was that alexander views the situation going on the period is a way of humiliating the blacks and putting whites on a pedestal where they should be kept and served for. For this he believes that the government should remain the same pointing out that the Confederates remain itself meaning that they should remain holding slavery. President Abraham Lincoln viewed the civil war as a way for the US to come together for this to happen he established a form of way where the Confederate states could become a part of the United States. The plan that Lincoln put into action proved that 10% of the US voters to make a difference make an oath. Many people from the republican party opposed for this plan to be executed because they knew that it would become a failure but that did not stop Lincoln himself from continuing his plan.

As I read all of the primary documents something that I have learned that slavery has been a huge deal when dealing with all the acts that have been passed ever since the 1850’s. For example, many laws that have been supreme by the court can also be considered unconstitutional and must be revised. The Constitution of the United State was implemented in a different way than it is today, and many differences that have striking through the innovation and many challenges where the revision of the constitution was mandatory. As we see in order to have something done in the United States there must be an enormous amount of people that are suffering or are in pain for others to get the message. This situation happens when slavery was abolished because of all the different emotions and sorrow others had for them at the time of difficulty. In my opinion there shouldn’t be a huge amount of people feeling sorrow to other for the federal government to act up in time of pain.

A perfect example of the federal law not pertaining itself in a good way can be same sex marriages. Same sex marriages have been allowed since 2015 by the court and are showing people that being different is okay. A PSA was recently released about a same sex couple having a baby and the baby being denied service because of having same sex marriages.

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