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Facebook Does More Harm than Good

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Facebook is a worldwide phenomenon with over 800 million users worldwide. It is a brilliant and free way of communicating with people we love, sharing memories and even saving lives. Despite the common miss-conception, Facebook causes more good than harm because it can save lives. Yes, I did just say that. Facebook can, and does, help solve crimes. If a crime has been committed, police and forensic scientists can use information on Facebook to find and track down the criminal. And with modern-day technology, they can be tracked, even if under a false name or if they have deleted their account. Facebook is continuously and unfairly associated with horrendous crimes but think about this, “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” Currently, over 50 million people are killed each year due to car accidents. So, do we blame the car companies and ban cars? Of course we don’t! We just take more care.

The same applies to Facebook. Without doubt, Facebook causes more positives than negatives because you can share photos, videos and memories. To many people, Facebook is a waste of time and a threat to the safety of our society. Obviously, these people have never used Facebook or done any research on the topic. Facebook is an effective and free way of connecting with friends, worldwide. You can share photos and videos of things that you are proud of and things that are dear to you. Now let me stop you right there. Before you start raving on about how people can use these functions in inappropriate ways, let me tell you that Facebook came up with the solution to this: privacy settings and the ability to block people.

They may seem a bit daunting and overwhelming to start with, but there are plenty of sites , videos and people to help you do it. Just one reason why the benefits of Facebook severely outweigh the disadvantages is that without this easily accessible, free website, we would lose contact with people we know and love. Now, you may be thinking, “Hell, that’s what they made mobile phones for!”, but have you any idea how much an international call costs? And another flaw is time differences. This can be very problematic and often requires one of you sacrificing sleep time. I’m not sure you wife would much appreciate a romantic call at 2 am. Where as with Facebook, a message can be received anytime and you can look at it whenever you have the time.

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