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FabPicks Online Buy and Sell System

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Different kinds of businesses can be seen in our society nowadays. In order for the business to last, they must be considering some ways for them to keep modernized. Most of the people spent a lot of their time on the internet, playing, connecting with other people or even doing businesses. Some people don’t have the time to go to shopping malls or markets for them to buy new stuff and instead chose to purchase things online. That’s why the proponents make used of this thought as the basis of this study.

Instead of people going to the shopping malls to purchase things, they can stay on their houses while shopping or also sell their things that are not in used. Buy and sell business have been quite known ever since most especially in gold or watches. Business-minded people took this opportunity to put their sellable things online. Having a reliable website of buy and sell is an important matter especially for online sellers/buyers. Along with these revolution of buy and sell business, bogus sellers or even buyers are rampant in this kind of business. For this reason, security is one of the concerns that are being considered by the online sellers/buyers.

Putting up a business online might sound good but this requires a lot of security. Customers have an ease of access to your products through online and comes in handy but not at all times, customers and even sellers have the security of not meeting bogus buyer or seller. In this proposed system, all customers (buyer and seller) must undergo customer registration, this may sound hassle but this is done for the security of the customers.

I. Problem Statement

Major Problem 1. How will the proponents develop the “FabPicks” Online Buy and Sell System? a. In this study, the proponents aim to develop the Online Buy and Sell system namely “FabPicks”. Users who want sell their used/new items will have the opportunity to post those items for free.

Minor Problems 1. How will the proponents create a module where users will undergo customer registration before posting an ad? a. In this proposed online buy and sell system, before any user can post their ad, they are required to sign-up/register. The proponents thought of this as a way of avoiding swindle customers.

2. How will the proponents develop an online buy and sell system wherein sellers and buyers can leave message/comment to each other? b. Unlike other buy and sellwebsites, Instead of giving only the user’s contact information, the users of the proposed online buy and sell system can leave messages to the seller/buyer’s profile.

3. How will the proponents create a module where posted ads will be classified based on their category? c. For the customers to easily view/search desired products, the moment the seller will post an ad, he/she will select the category of the product.

Major Objective 1. To develop the “FabPicks” Online Buy and Sell System. a. The proponents tend to develop the said proposed system in order to help online sellers post their ads without fee. This will help them promote/advertise their products faster than the usual selling of products on malls or shops.

Minor Objectives 1. To create a module where users will undergo customer registration before posting an ad a. To avoid scammers, every customer who wanted to sell or buy products must undergo customer registration, in this part; the user will give an existing email address wherein the system will send a message to verify the customer’s account.

2. To develop an online buy and sell system wherein sellers and buyers can leave message/comment to each other. b. Common on buy and sell websites is given only the seller’s account information such as: mobile or telephone number. In this proposed system, the proponents wanted the communication happen within the website. Through this module, if there will be unwanted circumstances, their conversation will best fit as evidence of either the both sides.

3. To create a module where posted ads will be classified based on their category. c. Users can view products based on their category such as; personal items, sports equipments, gadgets, etc.Through this module, buyers will have an easy time finding their desired product than scrolling all over the web page just to find their most wanted product/s.

Scope and Limitations

Scope The proposed “FabPicks” Online buy and sell System is developed for users to experience hassle free buy and sell experience. In this study, the proposed system will request the users to first undergo customer registration before doing transactions in this website. This may sound trouble but this is done for security reasons, in the registration form, users must give an existing e-mail address for the system to send a message for account verification.

This module will help customers to avoid bogus sellers/buyers. This proposed system will also cater online payment such as PayPal. Another feature of this online buy and sell system is the capability of leaving messages/comments to the seller and buyer. One thing that the proponents noticed in most buy and sell websites is that the seller will only give contact information and the buyers will call/text the said buyer. In this proposed system, the proponents wanted the buy and sell transaction happen within the site. These features are all added for the security of customers.

Limitations The proponents are also knowledgeable of the proposed system’s limitations. Unregistered customers are only limited to the viewing/searching of products, thus, cannot place any order. Although the proposed system computes for the balance of the buyer, it does not compute for the seller’s overall product sales. This will only compute for sales of the current transaction of the seller. The proposed system does not monitor the product inventory of the seller, once the product has been marked sold, it would be put into archive.

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