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Extraversion Traits like talkative and assertive

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Conscientiousness Traits like organized, thorough, and playful. Emotional Stability (Neuroticism) Traits like tense and anxious. Openness to Experience (Intellect/Imagination) Traits like having wide interests and being imaginative I will rate myself high extraversion and openness to experience, medium agreeableness and emotional stability and low conscientiousness. High extroversion: these types of persons are attuned to the people and things around them, endeavoring to make decisions, outgoing and socially free. The extrovert may become impatient with long, slow tasks. For example, I am talkative people that interested in variety and in working with different people. High openness to experience: these types of persons are extremely intellectual, imaginative but possibly not very practical. For example, I am has range of interests, such like: reading, sports… and the appeal of new things or experiences. On contrary, I hate tend to be conventional, narrow interests and uncreative. Medium agreeableness: these types of persons are between tend to be sympathetic and courteous and tend to be critical and rude.

For example, I am always finding it easy to express irritation with others. But sometime, people will think that I express anger directly and feel I am proud. Medium emotional stability: these types of persons are average somewhere in between being calm and resilient and being anxious and reactive. For example, I am always generally relaxed but sometimes tend to be sensitive and depressed. Low conscientiousness: these types of persons are tending to be disorganized and negligent. For example, I am flexible and easy-going people. In addition, have a messy room! And I hate well-organized and self-disciplined. The Marketing Officer is responsible for the coordination of all marketing and social media and networking activities of the company. Provides guidance and coordinates implementation efforts with respect to the installation of products and services. And also responsible for contact of public relations and media contacts, promote the spirit and direction of the company.

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