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Please provide a statement (250 words minimum) that addresses your reasons for transferring and the objectives you hope to achieve.

Note: The Common Application essay should be the same for all colleges. Members that wish to review custom essay responses will request them on their Supplement form.

Your essay will appear on a separate sheet at the end of the application.

My parents never interfere with my dreams. Quite contrarily they have always supported my sisters and me. I must say that I feel honored for having them as parents; although both did not finished college, with hard work they have provided all of us the best education. I remember my dad telling me whichever career I want to pursue I must receive the best education and get a full degree. I knew that what I wanted was hard to accomplish, but now I’m almost half way to fulfill my knowledge in both carriers as whole: I always wanted to take my family business and achieve something for my country. I have combined my two passions, which are cloth and chocolate and created a unique goal for my future. I hope to keep on the clothing business and build a chocolate factory.

Ecuador is a fascinating country due to its variety of fauna and flora. It also has the potential to produce the best-quality chocolate in the world. The country experienced cocoa’s profits in the 18th century with the “Pepa de Oro” (golden seed) stage having France as its primary customer. Cacao farmers were wealthy, but they squandered their wealth in luxuries mansions and travels. Nowadays cacao farmers still maintain the quality of the cocoa beans yet fail to develop the primary resource into an industrialized good. If Ecuador has one of the elite cocoa beans thorough the continent why can we produce an exclusive product? The following quotes increased my aspirations and have inspired me to accomplish a significant change:

And so, my fellow Americans; ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.- John F. Kennedy, inaugural addresses of the Presidents of United States, 1961. I feel the responsibility, driven by passion to reignite the cocoa and chocolate industry and make Ecuador a chocolate giant.

The Culinary Institute of America is a university that provides students an excellent education and prepares them for business since the first day. From dress code to intense programs are associated with professionalism to prepare students best for the future. Some of their programs like law, science, and cost and control programs are some of the many complete programs in order for me to know all about my desires.

Unfortunately now that I am months to graduate with an Associates Degree and I have noticed that The Culinary Institute of America does not offer the necessary management tools that I want to acquire. In order for me to get involved in my family business I have to get a full comprehension in management. I believe that Roger Williams University offers said set of management tools. I will take fool advantages of the teachings from all professors and prepare for my future professional career. Finally, I will count with my sister’s insight about the university since she will graduate as an architect at RWU in two years. I want to receive the best knowledge from this school in order for me to be in a right path.

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