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Expressive typography

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We were given the task to experiment with a range of adjectives that expressed our personalities; we used these adjectives to write our name in a style which showed our personality. First of all I choose 3 words that described my personality; these were crazy, arty and psychedelic. Out of these 3 words I decided that psychedelic was the best and I thought I could make the best design using this word. Then I experimented with this word and made a range of designs in my book, finally I came to the design I was happy with it and then I have tried out a variety of mediums to see which produced the best effect for it.

For this I tried out colour pencils, acrylic paint, black pen and felt tips. I come to the conclusion that felt tips worked the best for my usual version as it produced a range of very bright colours and tones which allowed the letters of the design to stand out and look psychedelically. After I had completed my usual final piece I moved onto my unusual where I tried out several mediums such as nail vanish, Food powders mixed with water and lipstick.

The food powder didn’t produce the colours I was looking for, whereas I had access to a variety of different toned lipsticks and nail vanish which are produced the bright colours and boldness I was looking for. Experimenting with several ideas for my usual helped my final design to come out well; this is because I had tried out a range of colours so I knew which ones to use on my final. My final design was to be made as a collage, I had considered making it using 3D, but I thought cut it out from magazines, print-pictures would be a lot more effective. Using this technique was quite because it was difficult to cut out the shapes I wanted.

I used very bright colours imagery and made those cut outs in different shapes to show psychedelic mood. I feel I was successful with the way my collage design came out as it produced the effect had aimed for. If I was given the chance to do this project again I would have to experiment with more mediums for my unusual and 3D designs as I feel that I didn’t test out enough this time round. Although I am pleased with the overall out come of my project, this is down to it coming out the way I expected it to if not better and the fact that there are few changes I would make if given extra time.

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