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Religion Essays

The Fall of The Okonkwo Tribe Due to False Belief

In Things Fall Apart, is one of the things the author heavily incorporated in the book. The events that led up to the failure can also give the book its title. The Christians appear throughout the book and bring mass division upon the Ibo. One of the first families that …

About Following Christ in The Age Of Antichrist

Subjects discussed throughout this book are poverty, same-sex marriage, marriage, ethnicity and racism, sex slavery, sexual morality, refugees, persecution, abortion, orphans and widows, pornography, and religious liberty. Platt broke down these topics and analyzed them each form a Biblical perspective. He also uses moving stories in the beginning of each …

Determinism: Free Will and Ethics in The Catholic Church 

Most human beings believe that they have free will, and this is because they have the impression that they make their own decision. To them, the fact that they can choose what to eat, what to wear, what music to listen to, where to live, or what type of car …

My Thoughts About Free Will

Free will is something that is very important to society. It is something that humanity have fought for since the beginning of times. Even in the Holy Bible is said that this ‘free will’ is a real thing. That God gave us free will. But what if we are completely …

Leader Alexander The Great

What leader would I bring back from ancient civilizations and lead us today? There are many people that could lead us to success but the one person I would bring to lead us would be Alexander the Great. He has done many great things let’s take his army for example. …

New Testament History: Richard L Niswonger 

The beginning of chapter one starts out where the period in between the Old Testament and the New Testament Rome was known as the King of the Nations in the late 332-40 BC leading up to Jesus’ Birth. The Romans let ethnic traditions and religious beliefs define their culture and …

Christianity Through The Ages

Throughout the spring semester, we have studied multiple empires and periods of time in the ancient world. Finally, we reached the point in time where historically Jesus was born, ministered, and was brutally killed. Although he was gone (in Heaven) the gospel was not. But what caused for there to …

Analogical God-talk is the Best Solution for the Problem of Religious Language

Religious language first became a topic in philosophy in the early forties, when most logical positivists believed all god-talk to be meaningless (Kraal). In the fifties Anthony Flew even published an essay that seems to prove god-talk is meaningless, based on the premise that it cannot be proven true without …

My Own Account of Spiritual Experience while Considering the Philosophies Peddled by Emerson, James, and Huxley, and Caillois

The term religion is so common among us, and a majority of people across the globe ascribe to certain religious beliefs. Notably, different religious organizations have distinct ways of practicing their faith. The norms attributed to these religious organizations vary to the extent of how they worship, and even who …

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