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Leader Alexander The Great

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What leader would I bring back from ancient civilizations and lead us today? There are many people that could lead us to success but the one person I would bring to lead us would be Alexander the Great. He has done many great things let’s take his army for example. Since Alexander the great gave so much loyalty to his men they would die for him and follow him anywhere. Another thing about him is that he was also one of history’s greatest military minds. Alexander the Great was also able to establish the largest empire the ancient world has ever seen. While is one of history’s greatest military leaders, he was also very power hungry, ruthless, charismatic, diplomatic, and bloodthirsty. He was also taught by Aristotle which later then made him interested in science, literature, medicine, and philosophy. When Alexander the Great was 16 and was left in charge of Macedonia, he found a way to prove himself, so he leads to an army of male lovers against Sacred Band of Thebes.

They ended up defeating the Sacred Band of Thebes in what he did. What is the greatest ancient invention and who invented it? And why do I feel this way? I would have to say that gunpowder was the best thing that has been made in ancient history. Thing is, this was made by accident while Chinese alchemists were trying to make a potion of immortality. I think this is the best invention of how improving our warfare. We started making things like cannons, explosives, and etc… when we made gunpowder we started making more advanced things like cannons. This allowed us to take out bigger things like ships and buildings. Then, we also made things like guns this allowed us to take out enemies that were wearing armor and other sorts or protection. Other than gunpowder helping us in warfare, we were able to get materials faster with explosives. While this invention was a good thing it was also a bad thing. It made people even more cautious when they were traveling by land or water.

What was the most important ancient civilization and why? I feel that the most important ancient civilization was ancient Egypt. One of the reasons I feel that they are important is because of how they preserve their pharos. They have to go through a lot of steps in order to do this like drying out the body and also removing the organs. And one very interesting thing about them is their hieroglyphics. Every single image means either a different letter or a word. Also, they had the Nile river which allowed them to ship and receive materials very easily. Egypt was also very wealthy in riches and religion. They also made very interesting structures like the great pyramid of Giza. this is also where they stored their pharaohs after they have prepared the body. As they put the body in the put many things in there with him like weapons, vases, precious items, and etc. . . They also lasted for about 30 centuries until Alexander the Great conquered them.

Which ancient civilization army could win an army today and why? I think that none of the armies from ancient civilization could beat our armies today. The reason I say this is because of all of the weapons and vehicles that we have today. If they were trained to use the guns and vehicles that we use I would have to say that Rome would beat us in a war. There are many ways to how they could beat us in battle. For example, they would only keep the strong and throw out the weak. Even if they were not in battle they would still be training and if they were not training they would be building other things like camps and aqueducts. They are also very hard working and are always ready to fight or defend. When they were about 18-20 they were starting to be recruited into the army. So I would have to say that Rome would be able to beat us in war only if they were trained to use the weapons and vehicles we use today. How did Taoism become a religion? Taoism is a Chinese philosophy attributed to Lao Tzu.

This religion was also mostly used by people in rural areas so this officially became their religion. But during the Tang Dynasty is when it had a really big influence. The Emperor Xuanzong made it the religion of the state and also made it mandatory that people keep Taoist writings in their homes. As the Tang dynasty started declining so did Taoism many people did not favor it as much as Confucianism or Buddhism. There is a historian named Sima Qian that will tell you the story of Lao-Tzu. Lao-Tzu was a natural philosopher that believed that all things could live together. But the only way that they could live together is if they would consider each other feelings every day or so. As Lao-Tzu grew impatient with people and also with the corruption of the government. When Lao-Tzu saw how much pain and misery the people were in because he decided to go into exile. But before he could he was stopped by a gatekeeper called Yin Hsi. Yin Hsi asked Lao-Tzu if he could write a book for him before he left. So Lao-Tzu decided to sit on a rock and write until he felt the need to stop. So he decided to write the story (Tao-Te-Ching). After handing the book to Yin Hsi Lao-Tzu disappeared into the mist of the western gateways.

In what ancient civilization would be the best to live in as a woman and why? I would have to say ancient Egypt. In ancient Egypt, women had the same right as men but when it came to jobs it was different. While men would fight, manage a farm, and run the government women would cook, sew, and also manage the house. But some of her rights also came from what social class she was under not her sex. But the way that women were treated was obvious. They could also do many other things that some other places would not let women do, for example, they could marry whoever they wanted and also divorce the people that they married if they felt the need to and also get whatever job they liked if it was within their limits. Women could also hold a very important role as Aums wife. But there were many of God’s wives associated with different deities. This was a very honorary title that was given to a women-only people in the upper class could get this title.

How did culture spread around the globe? People cultures were spreading in many ways. From immigrants trying to find a new place to live or maybe going on a vacation somewhere. Let’s take China, for example, some people may be coming to America for a vacation or just to see around the world. When they come here they may share some of their cultures with one or two people then those people will spread it and etc. . . people will spread their culture kind of fast. Let’s take immigrants as another example they may be looking for a fresh start so they might want to move. While there on a type of transportation like a plan, boat, or a train they might talk about what it is like back at home and what they did or even worshiped. There are many ways for people to spread their own culture around the world or even bring someone else’s back home with them. There are also things called pen pals to where to are able to talk to someone from a different country and talk about what you like and what both of you may eat or even enjoy doing in your free time.

What are some things that have changed during the ancient times and what has also stayed the same? Let’s take tools, for example, we have made tools so much more effective and durable since the first time that they were made. Let’s take knives in Egypt they made them mostly out of stone and these were used to cook and also used in surgery. Now think to have someone perform on you with a jagged knife can mess you up a lot. Our knives are able to cut stuff very easily and not leave anything inside of you like bits and pieces of stone and rocks. What things have stayed the same over time? Let’s take something very simple like the wheel. The roundness of it has stayed the same throughout time but has gone through some changes to improve it for things like snow, water, ice, and sand. There are many things that have stayed the same throughout time but many things that have also changed.

After studying ancient civilizations do I think this is an important part of history? I would have to say yes because we benefited from all of these civilizations. Let’s take for example their wheel has helped us travel and get around and go to places faster. And from ancient China, we got gunpowder which helped us with many things. Some things are warfare, mining, and traps. The Romans gave us plumbing and sanitary system. The point is that all of the civilizations have done something to help us in the future so yes it is important to study them and learn about them and what they have done for us.

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