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Art Essays

Shininh Out Of The Crowd

This has always been my fear, the fear of what is going to happen next? Am I going to blend in or will I become the odd? I knew from the beginning that it would never be easy and I would hate it, nevertheless, I took a shot at it …

The Intriguing Nature of Symbolism in Salvator Mundi

Leonardo da Vinci was an impeccable painter and Salvator Mundi was no less of an artwork than any other of his work. “On November 15 2017 the painting Salvator Mundi („Savior of the World“) attributed to Leonardo at a Christie’s auction was sold for the price of $400 million, the …

The Image of the Heroic David in the Fight Against Goliath

In most art of art history, the sculpture of David is based on a biblical story most known as “David vs Goliath” in the book of Samuel. The story of David is about a young shepherd boy from a family of soldiers fighting against a strong giant from an opposing …

Creative Process Of Objects And Sculptures

A building is said to be functional as it provides shelter, control, and instruction and can demonstrate dominion over a lesser-sized architectural structure. In 1964, the New York Times declared “ Architecture is the ART of how to waste space” (pearce). So can a celebrated building be a work of …

Postmodernism and the Glass Mountain

In this study, The Glass Mountain, novel of American postmodern writer Donald Barthelme will be explained by analyzing with postmodern elements such as fragmentation, metafiction, pastiche and black humor in the story of the novel. Here, only techniques that will be realized including postmodern strategies will be analyzed. In this …

Analysis Of Several Themes of Paul's Case

First, I will talk about the major theme, which is Paul’s obsession with money. This theme also ties into all the other themes that I will bring up. Each theme plays an important role in the others. Smaller subthemes are Paul’s hopes and dreams in that he wishes to be …

The Description Enslaved Africans

There are various words that can be used to, however, perseverance is the most suitable to express both the pain and prosperity of their past. In saying that, this word goes beyond the simple definition as we know it; perseverance flows through their veins bolder and more priceless than the …

the Symbolism in Art

Emanuuel Leutze was german born painter who was brought to the united states as a child. He began drawing in 1834. Soon after this he started working as a travelling portrait painter, earning up to $5 a picture. The few history paintings he made at this time attracted considerable praise, …

The Spirit is Holy For Individuals

The spirit is holy for individuals; the body is soiled how is it conceivable yes that is the thing that we have been getting along. isn’t it so saying god is consecrated; creation is smudged how is it conceivable the very idea of god struck you simply because you saw …

Art History Essay Example: Difference between Chinese and European Art: Landscape Painting

Landscape painting refers to the portrayal of natural scenery in art. Chinese were probably the first people to capture natural sceneries in paint. The genre eventually spread throughout the world and the Europeans adopted it in the 16th century, during the Renaissance period. This essay will look at the differences …

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