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English Literature Argumentative

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Modern science fiction is the only form of literature that is consistently considers the nature of the changes that face us, the possible consequences and the possible solutions. Science fiction is that branch of literature which is considered with the impact of scientific advance upon human beings. Science fiction is futuristic that means something may come in reality in future. The mirror image is about Alice a fourteen years old girl who under goes brain transplantation as a result of a fatal accident. The story presents the problem of dual personality and the crisis Alice faces. Alice is in the world of dilemma. She is unable to escape from her identity crisis. She is troubled by the feelings of belongingness. Lena Coakley beautifully expresses the impact of science, namely, the impact of brain transplantation. Here the question is whether the body is important or the brain is important. Vignettes

A short but interesting piece of writing or section of a film or a novel. The psychological impact the accident has on the central character – Alice, her mother and her sister is expressively brought into the mind of the reader by Lena Coakley using a series of vignettes. The theme of the story, the ethics of the modern medical science is implied through different vignettes. The question posed by the author here is whether the medical professionals have the right to do such experiment on an innocent unconscious persona. in utmost care of class 12by P. Baburaj Written in – contemporary language and in modern style.

Vignettes – a short interesting piece of writing or section of a film/novel. Episodic in structure
Science fiction (refer ‘test’)
The psychological impact the accident has on the central character, namely, Alice and other members of her family, Gail’s family and society in general. The theme of the story – the ethics of modern medical science, is implied rather than stated explicitly. in utmost care of class 12by P. Baburaj ‘Should scientists consider the human impact of their work’? This is the question seriously posed in the story. Inventions have negative impact not only positive results. Settings – Alice’s drawing room

Bedford Avenue(name of the street)
The doctors are going against the Nature or God by bringing back a dead one to life by using medical science. The story also presents the theme of belongingness- where does new Alice belong to?Whether to her old home with her sister Jenny and her mother or Mr. and Mrs. Jarred .Jenny is unable to accept new Alice as her dear sister Alice. Jenny is always making pricking statements to Alice. She becomes the mouth piece of the society which is unable to adjust with the new medical experiment. Alice is trying her level best to convey the message that she is Alice – her brain is her – even though her hands are different but her signature is same, she is able to remember all her past memories…..Camp Wasaga, moving to Toronto…….. She can walk like, act like – draw like earlier

But Jenny is unwilling to accept this even she gives a blow to Alice by rejecting her diary. Jenny says – during the Birthday celebration that …now Alice is no longer younger – when the TV flashes the pictures of Mrs. Jarred, Jenny asks her ‘Is that your family’? All these are examples of Jenny’s negation of the reality. Alice is trying to make up things and make everything usual as far as possible but Jenny can’t accept the reality that Alice is her twin sister. The story explores the ethics of medical science – Mrs. Jarred says -‘She is our daughter’……’When we signed the release form donating her body, we didn’t know they are going to bring her back to life with some new brain. Our Gail is alive and living somewhere in Toronto…..’ Moral and ethical responsibilities of media also are in focus in this story. Even though law protects Alice, but media broadcast Alice with covered face and they even go at the extend of bringing Alice’s and Gail’s earlier pictures. So indirectly they are working against their moral responsibilities and bringing everything clearly to the public notice. The journalist who climbed and came near the window of Alice’s room – the way he calls Alice and snaps the photographs also reveals the attitudes of the media people. What is a Conflict?

The tension in a situation between characters, or the actual opposition of characters. The disagreements ,clashes or the struggles that takes place in the mind of a character. In this story, for instance, the conflicts between Alice and Jenny, Alice and society. There may also be internal conflicts, as Alice and Alice or between characters or even between the characters and Nature/God etc.. Conflicts: Alice

A fourteen year old girl merged with a sixteen year old girl is the conflict Alice comes across. Alice’s brain commands but her body is unable to adjust with. Alice sees her image and she was on the road of confusion and she is totally betrayed and she is unable to come in terms with her different images. She is on the battle field – she is unable to see her enemy – she realizes that her enemy is herself. She realizes her hip, her eyes, her mouth, her tongue, her appearance everything is different – she realizes Gail and she are completely different individuals thus it creates a conflict between her brain and her body. Gail’s family faces the same ordeal as Alice’s family. The world cannot receive Alice as an ordinary being.

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