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English for Indian Lawyar

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It is one of the many forms of English that is used in law. In other words, it is a technical language specifically originated as a language for legal professionals such as judges, lawyers, legal assistants and attorneys. Legal English is not a native language for these professionals. Therefore, they are required to learn this language from a technical context in order to perform well in the field of law. The Difference between Legal and Regular English Even when we talk about English being spoken in two different regions, we can analyze that there is a lot of difference between the two.

For instance, there are certain terminologies in British English and the US English that greatly differ. This can lead to confusion if a British lawyer is practicing law in the US. However, English of law can set language standards that align well with the law of that particular state. Why Is It So Important? Learning legal terms is important for your career if you are studying law regardless of the country. The main reason behind this is the rise in globalization.

Since a lot of people study from one country and apply their learned skills by moving to another country, it is important that you should be able to communicate well while interacting with others. When you enter the market as a qualified lawyer, you will come across various clients in the country you have shifted to. Similarly, you will have to use all the legal terminologies that other lawyers use in that region. For instance, if you have studied law from Brazil and you want to practice in the US, you will most likely interact with US attorneys.

In order to talk to them regarding legal matters, you must adapt their legal language, i. e. English used in law that is particular to their region. Considerations of Learning English Containing Legal Terminologies English is a second language for many people. Therefore, learning professional law definitely indicates that you should learn the English terminologies in the same area. However, as a law student, you can come across various challenges. This is because you will have to consider many things while searching for the right instructor and the right platform to prove your legal language.

Lawyers who are required to apply technical legal terminologies in their career have to ensure that they consider the following points: Finding a Professional Language Instructor It is necessary that you should find an instructor who is not only proficient in English, he should also be an expert in understanding the law. Since the concepts and terms of law are precise as well as complex, you can learn it from the legal context only if your instructor is a professional in English as well as law.

Participating In Relevant Classroom Activities While you attend your law classes, it is important that you consider what actually is required from these classes. Participating in your law classes will benefit you throughout your career if the classroom activities help you understand those common legal terms you will be using while talking to your clients in the future. Such activities can comprise of mediations and negotiations within class groups. Joining a Legal Communication Skills Program Since learning both written and spoken legal communication skills is essential to succeed in the legal profession, you should give special emphasis to it.

You can test your legal language skills yourself by enrolling in a specific program that caters to lawyers who want to polish their language skills in applying legal terminologies. Learning legal terms along with the concepts of law is the only way you can represent yourself as a lawyer. Due to a challenging market for lawyers, it is a necessity for all lawyers. Harry Wilson likes to explore about different aspects of learning legal English. Furthermore, he is passionate about spreading this knowledge to future lawyers.

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