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Effects Of Mobile Addiction to Students

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A. Background of the Study

Secondary school is a term used to describe an educational institution where the final stage of a teenager and beginner youth derives knowledge through learning. A secondary school student is expected to be preparing for his/her first school leaving certificate and should be ready to pass must relevant subjects with honors. The secondary school students are those students of post-primary studies or as described above. It is at this stage of academics that students lay the foundation of their future. (http://patrickmoving.blogspot.com/2011/01/effects-of-mobile-phone-on-students-of.html)

Modern mobile phones also support many additional services, and accessories, such as SMS (or text) messages, e-mail, Internet access, gaming, Blue-tooth and infrared short range wireless communication, camera, MMS messaging, MP3 player, radio and GPS. Low-end mobile phones are often referred to as feature phones, whereas high-end mobile phones that offer more advanced computing ability are referred to as smart phones. (http://patrickmoving.blogspot.com/2011/01/effects-of-mobile-phone-on-students-of.html)

Some students have the habit of keeping their mobile phones on during classes and studies, even in the library. The do so for their classmates to know their latest ringing tones, thereby distracting other students, even the teacher in the class. Some even put it in vibration and are distracted by the vibration from calls during classes and school hours, diverting their concentration on who is calling at the moment. Most of the students don’t study again because of this; rather indulge in exam malpractice during internal and external examinations. Some make use of the calculator in the mobile phone, while others store some information in it. The worst of it is that others use it to send objective answers to those in the examination hall, which may not be correct at the end of the day. This can end the student’s career if caught, as exam malpractice is a punishable offense. The students are just addicted to mobile phones.

They can be seen playing games, chatting, and talking to their friends on their mobile phones most of the times. This is the reason why they don’t get time for studies. In fact, students are more interested in wasting their time on mobile phones, rather than spending it on studying.  Mobile Phones are bad because they affect children learning at school. Teacher are struggling to keep their students under control, kids are too busy texting instead of getting on with their work. Also texting can have an effect children writing and grammar. They cause brain tumor r and damage to the on brain. Researchers say that Mobile phones may rewire young children developing brains to be more careless.

The objective of this research is to aware the students, parents, teachers and other people what are the positive and negative effects of mobile phones and to know if mobile phones really affects the student’s academic performance.

B. Statement of the Problem
This study aims to answer these questions:
1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using mobile phones?
2. Does it affect the academic performance of Engineering and Science Education Program (ESEP) students?

C. Significance of the Study
The study of the knowledge is on how mobile phones affect the Engineering and Science Education Program (ESEP) students in different ways and it can serve as learning paradigm to teachers, guidance counselor, parents, and the students themselves to enhance their insight and for their ceaseless quest for knowledge. Being the secondary mentors, the teachers and guidance counselor can benefit to the findings of this study. The findings of this research may serve as a guide to deal with problems, and topics related to mobile phones. Equipped with this information, they will be able to understand, educate and give apt advice in order to breed respected and responsible members of the community. The Engineering and Science Education Program (ESEP) students will be benefited by the results of this study. They will have a criterion as to whether their knowledge is adequate, their attitude and practices in using mobile phones. The findings will guide them in terms of their limitations or boundaries.

D. Scope and Delimitation
This study focuses on students who have mobile phones. Every student has its way of using their phones. This study aims to know the usage of mobile phones and its effects. The study does not cover any other student who doesn’t have a mobile phone and not part of the Engineering and Science Education Program (ESEP) curriculum; the network used and the brand of the mobile phone of the respondent. E. Materials and Methods

This research employs a descriptive method since the research emphasizes on the advantages and disadvantages of mobile addiction to student’s academic performance. Surveys were used in conducting the research to be able to describe best topic. To provide enough information, the questionnaires were based on the statement of the problem. Survey results were tallied. Information relevant to the study were gathered from several reference materials, research sources such as books, newspapers, magazines and other online sources. F. Definition of Terms

Adequate- Lawfully and reasonably sufficient
Apt- Unusually fitted or qualified; Having a tendency
Boundary- Something that indicates or fixes a limit or extent Breed- To inculcate by training
Ceaseless- Continuing without cease
Denote- To serve as an arbitrary mark; To make known
Insight- The power or act of seeing into a situation
Paradigm- A model or pattern for something; An outstandingly clear or typical
example Quest- An act or instance of seeking
Plausible- Reasonable, or valuable but often specious
Anxious- Afraid or nervous especially about what may happen

Mobile addiction is considered one problem in Engineering and Science Education Program (ESEP) students of Muntinlupa National Highschool-Main. The problem mobile addiction affects ESEP students in many ways especially to their studies. A study conducted by Mache in 2011, Mobiles can affect the learning process in classroom while the teachers are teaching in front. Children tend to get distracted with all entertainment applications inside their mobile phones.

Dr. Cardis (2009, p.10) suggests that people must lessen the use of mobile phones while there is not enough proof that it’s bad for our health. “Until stronger conclusions can be drawn one way or another, it may be reasonable to reduce one’s exposure to cellular radiation. It can’t hurt.”

While it is plausible that spending a lot of time calling and texting affects academic performance, it could equally be argued that these results suggest students whom are more anxious, perform less well class, and all unhappy are more likely to use cellphones (Paddock PhD).

Mache (2011) shows that children should not be allowed to bring mobile phones to school. It is because students will become lazy participate either in class activities or outside class activities as they keep on bringing to mobile phones in school. As other students busy with participating in the school activities, these students who own mobile phones will prevent themselves from joining activities will the rest because of busying with messaging their friends in the phone.

The problem that may cause by mobile addiction can affect the life of every of teenagers. If it is plausible that virtually all students particularly to teenagers are using their phone. A teenager may find mobile phones interesting at every first sight of it, as time goes by the bad effects of using mobile phones are getting more and worse. Mobile phone addiction provokes student’s behavior and actions on their students. Something may bother them that make them perform less well, these behavior is referring to anxiety or a state of being anxious of teenagers. DISCUSSION

A mobile phone (also known as a cellular phone, cell phone, and a hand phone) is a phone that can make and receive telephone calls over a radio link while moving around a wide geographic area. It does so by connecting to a cellular network provided by a mobile phone operator, allowing access to the public telephone network. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobile_phone Mobile phones have altered our way of life to an unbelievable degree. It’s a fact that the cellular phone technology has started a new period on our planet that has uprooted the old fashioned lifestyle entirely. It doesn’t mean this technology has no effect on people adversely. The technology is effective as well as disadvantageous. ) The Advantages of Mobile Phone

It’s created individuals in contact along with one an additional. In this way, mobile phones possess urged individual conversation. The cell phone technologies have speeded up small and big companies. The business events around the world can communicate with one an additional in a few of mere seconds. They can offer and determine quickly. ) The Disadvantages of Mobile Phone

There are many tales about the people who fulfilled accidents because of to keeping focus on their own mobile phone while driving. Mobile phones are used by criminals to inform one another about their filthy ideas. And, their own crime strategies are invented by using this technology in the majority of cases. Mobile phones also have increased up street offences and breach of moral ideals. Lots of immoral, so-called love tales discover their existence through the misuse of this technology. Furthermore, eyesight problems are also observed among many crazy mobile users.

A. Do you have a mobile phone?
Table 1 shows the total number of respondents with mobile phones and without mobile phones. TABLE 1
For this question, out of 336 respondents, 322 respondents have a mobile phone and only 14 respondents don’t have mobile phones. The result shows that most of the students have their mobile phones. B. Who bought the respondents mobile phone?

Survey reveals that out of 322 respondents, 234 or 73% respondent’s parents are the one who bought their mobile phones, 50 or 15% bought their mobile phone using their own money, 21 or 7% answered that the one who bought their mobile phones are their siblings, 12 or 4% answered that their aunt/uncle gave them their phone and 6 or 2% answered that their phone is bought by their cousins. C. How often do you use your mobile phone?

Out of 322 respondents, 207 or 64% answered that they always use their mobile phones, 108 or 34% answered they just use their phones sometimes and 7 or 2% answered they never use their mobile phones.

D. What application do you often use?

45% of the grade 7 respondents answered entertainment as the most often application they us next is messaging with 41% and 14% for utilities. For Grade 8 Respondents, 46% answered entertainment, 39% answered messaging and 15% answered utilities. 37% of 3rd year respondents answered messaging is the most often application they use, 34% answered entertainment and 29% answered utilities. For 4th year students 43% answered messaging, 34% entertainment and lastly 23% answered utilities. E. Sleeping Habits

53% said that mobile phone affects their sleeping habits because of texting, reading EBooks and playing game on their mobile phones and 47% answered that mobile phones don’t affect their sleeping habits. F. Allowance

75% respondents said that mobile phones doesn’t affect their allowance because they don’t waste their money on loading while 25% of the respondents answered yes because they spend their allowance in loading and for phone accessories (e.g. Casing, Earphones, Screen Protector). G. Life and Studies

63% of the respondents answered no most of them answered they consume their time wisely and 37% answered yes it does affect because mobile phone is addicting. H. Use of mobile phones

62% of respondents said that the importance of mobile phone is to be able to communicate with people that are far away from us. 22% answered that the importance of their mobile phone is for emergencies while 16% said that their mobile phone is for their entertainment. CHAPTER 4


This study aims to distinguish the effects of mobile phone to Engineering and Science Education Program (ESEP) students of Muntinlupa National Highschool (Main). This research was conducted to answer the problem that includes mobile phones. Based on the results of this study, the findings are the following:

1.) The advantages of using mobile phone are seen in the students. 2.) Mobile phones have also disadvantages to students particularly in sleeping habits. 3.) Only few students have no mobile phone and didn’t use the said gadget.

Based on the result and findings of this study, the following conclusions are drawn:
1. Almost all of the students have mobile phones and used the same gadget.
2. Student’s parents are those who bought their mobile phone.
3. Student’s always use their mobile phone.

4. Entertainment (i.e. games) and messaging is the most popular application in mobile phone that students use. 5. Other students affect their sleeping habits because of using mobile phone and texting at night. 6. Mobile phone can’t affect student’s allowance.

7. Most of students say that mobile phones are not hindrance in their life and studies. 8. Mobile phone helps students in terms of communication.

From the conclusions of the study, the researchers made the following recommendations: 1. It depends on student on how he/she will limit the time on using mobile phone. There are disadvantages that are present, but it’s up to him/her now how he/she will manage it so the said gadget will not affect him/her particularly in studies. 2. Mobile phones are useful. That’s why using it cannot be avoided especially for those students who are always busy and need to relax. Mobile phones will help students to overcome boredom. Mobile phones are helpful during emergency situation. APPENDIX

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