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Effective Communication Persuasive

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One of this is one to one communication and this is only a conversation between two people expressing and giving information to each other. This type of communication is verbal as we speak or talk through our mouths and express ourselves by talking or speaking. This could also be a formal communication because one to one communication is use when you have a personal meeting to your supervisor or having an interview with organisations like hospitals or nursery. All care practitioners will be using one to one communication to communicate with their clients or patients.

Touching is defined as a physical contact with someone or something; it expresses messages of support, compassionate and affection. Care workers need to take care to make certain that in any situation in which they use to touch to communicate is suitable, welcomed and understood by the service user. Oral is when you use speech rather than writing, the basis of oral communication is spoken language. The tone of voice used by the speaker can affect how the information is received. If someone sounds bored or angry it influences how the listener reacts.

If the pitch or volume is high or low it may give the impression of shouting or whispering, either of which may convey an inappropriate message. The speed of how fast or slow you are talking needs to ensure that it’s clear and easily understood. When speaking in a health and care setting such as a care home you must present the information in a clear and simple way especially when speaking to someone with a hearing impairment you must stand close to them so they could read your lips. When speaking, the language or the words used can affect the message being received by the service user.

Dialect is the form of language spoken by people in a particular region or group. It is the general pronunciation that is common in certain part of region as well as the accent, which are both influenced by cultural background or communities. Slang is known as words that are used in an informal manger, which is used in an everyday routine, and can be hard to forget when speaking formerly. Use of slang can lead to misunderstanding in many cases because not all people would be able to understand it. In a care home, you would have to be able to speak clearly so that the message is understood by the service user.

Posture and body language is a good and effective way to send a message to someone without having to speak. The way you dress up also haves an impact on first impression you have on a person, when you are working in a health and social care. The way an individual sits or stands can reveal what he or she is feeling and communicated this very clearly to others. Hand gestures and arm movements can be used to convey a meaning, some people use their hands frequently when they are talking to illustrate or emphasise a point. Some gestures carry a particular meaning of their own, such as a thumps up sing meaning good or ok.

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