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What effect does the inspector’s visit have on the various characters

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In the play there are a few characters that are changed by the visit of the inspector because of the family being partially involved in the killing of Eva Smith.

Arthur Burling isn’t changed at all by the inspectors visit. I can tell this because he isn’t really bothered about anything besides his business as he says “a man has to make his own way – has to look after himself”. Also while it is his daughter’s engagement he still talks about his business as he says “I speak as a hard-headed business man, who has to take risks and know what he’s about”.

Also at the end Arthur Birling hasn’t still learning as Sheila says to him “the point is you don’t seem to have learnt anything. This quote just shows us that he still hasn’t learnt anything from this night even though his own family is involved. He is still worrying about his title.

In the beginning Sheila didn’t care about who the girl was that killed herself as she says “I couldn’t be sorry for her” this quote shows us that she didn’t care that she made Eva Smith get sacked from her job in Milwards.

After the inspector speaks to Sheila she changes and begins to realize her mistake and she starts too feel guilty. She says “I behaved badly too. I know I did. I’m ashamed of it”. This quote shows us that she doesn’t want it to be real and that she wants to hear other people’s story and involvement of Eva Smiths death so that she doesn’t have to feel fully blamed for her death.

Gerald Croft he also agrees to the way Mr Birling acts also he shares the same ideas as him. Also agrees to what ever he says for example he says “Hear, hear. And I think my father would agree to that.” this just shows us that he cares about his work a lot and is very similar to Mr Birling. Also he doesn’t change at the end as he just try’s to make it look like it never happened. He try’s to make up things so that he can be satisfied.

Mrs Birling is the one that rejected Eva Smith from any help when she came to her she just rejected her because she uses her name as Mrs Birling. Also she was very cruel to Eva Smith as she said to her “Go and look for the father of the child. It’s his responsibility”. This just shows us that she made Eva Smith be rejected of her last chance when she came to her.

Eric Birling was the father of the child that Eva Smith was going to have. That is why when Eva Smith came to Mrs Birling she used the name Mrs Birling. Eric didn’t want to leave her but Eva Smith left him even though she didn’t want to, she left him because she found out that he was giving her stolen money and she didn’t want that. Also Eric was changed by the inspectors visit.

The person that I blame for the death of Eva Smith is Mrs Birling because she rejected her of her last chance. Also she rejected her for some small reason which made Eva Smith lose all hope of life.

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