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Edward Scissorhands

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The first time I saw the movie, Edward Scissorhands, I was astonished. Tim Burton has always made outstanding and creative movies. This 1990 movie is 105 minutes long filled with romance, comedy, and dramatic events that will keep you intrigued. Tim Burton made a great choice of actors. For example, Johnny Depp creates a kind-hearted and shy character with hard work and a lot of practice. Johnny Depp shows his characters thoughts throughout the impeccable facial expressions.

Edward Scissorhands is about a young man named Edward, played by Johnny Depp, who is found by an Avon Saleswoman, Peg Boggs, played by Dianne Wiest, inside a dark mansion. Peg takes the young man who has scissors as hands home to join her family and herself. Edward creates a deep moment between himself and the picture of Kim, Peg’s daughter, who is played by Winona Ryder. As the neighbors’ meet Edward they discover the talent he has of cutting dog hair and women’s hair. While Edward changes his lifestyle he finds himself in a few issues because of some of the neighbor’s who do not like Edward as much as others.

Tim Burton fills this marvelous movie with life lessons provided through the characters and cinematic techniques. The life lessons I learned throughout the movie are to not take advantage of other, don’t judge by looks, and to treat others the way you would like to be treated. There were many cinematic techniques used in this story but the one that stood out most to me would be camera movement. Throughout Edward Scissorhands, there were a lot of zoom camera movements for example, when they zoomed in on the mansion, and the characters facial expressions.

Mostly, Burton only zoomed in on the main character, Edward, to show what’s happening and how his life style changes. Boom crane was used while filming the part where Edward and Peg go on the TV Show to broadcast. Dolly/tracking was used when Peg was walking up the stairs and in the attic room, when Edward and Peg were in the car driving to Peg’s house, and finally when Esmeralda, played by O-Lan Jones, walked into Peg’s backyard. The other cinematic technique that was important throughout the story was editing. Burton used the flashback technique when Edward saw the can opener open the can, he then thought of the cookie factory he lived in.

Also when Edward was in bed he had a flashback about his inventor and what had happened to him. Shot is usually uninterrupted by cuts for example, when the Boggs’s family and Edward were eating at the dinner table. Shot-reverse-shots were used to create a conversation and reaction between the characters. For instance, Peg answered the door to all the women in the neighborhood; they were having a conversation about having a barbeque to greet Edward to everyone. There was also another shot-reverse-shot when two kids were in the tree house and the Bill, the dad played by Alan Arkin, was talking about the baseball game on the radio.

As Burton received many good reviews from Edward Scissorhands there were also bad comments on the movie. Edward Scissorhands also received numerous nominations for awards and presentation. Tim Burton, director and producer, and Danny Elfman, who created the music for the film, both agreed that Edward Scissorhands was their favorite work yet. Having Johnny Depp play the role of Edward made the whole story come alive. For me, Edward Scissorhands is one of my favorite movies created by Tim Burton because it teaches us lessons in life.

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