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Dreams of a Perfect Utopian World

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Martin luther king jr. was and is still today an iconic figure. He did the things that people could have only dreamt of. From leading non-violent protests to speaking in front of the white house. He had managed to create a pathway for change to both happen and occur. Martin luther king jr believed in a lot of things like freedom of religion, equality, and non-violence. He believed that violence was not the answer and in the power of words.

We all have that dream to live in perfect world a utopia. A world where nobody is judged for their skin color and there’s equality for all. A world where both peace and equality are the laws. I want to live in a world where people aren’t being killed because of their skin color or what they believe in.

We see it everyday. We hear about it everyday people dying because of these things and that’s the reality of it. After hearing these things we feel bad but we do nothing about it. Humans are probably the worst things on this earth we’re self centered, selfish and are greedy and that will lead to our own demise. We attack and judge each other for being different like things that we cannot control ourselves like our skin color.

Even for our own personal beliefs we are still being attacked for the things that don’t even necessarily affect others. So why? Why is it us that are being discriminated against? Is it because of the bad front that some of us are”terrorists” one person does not represent the whole entire group of people.

In 2016 alone about 358 hate crimes were committed in the u.s towards muslims. In the UK there was a day called “punish a muslim day” it’s pretty sickening and actually disgusting. There was a flyer going around accusing muslims of harming and making others suffer it gave out rewards to people who committed heinous and barbaric acts such as torturing and skinning a Muslim and throwing acid on a Muslims face.

Martin Luther king jr. believed in many things and said many things but unlike many elected officials he acted upon those words he managed to get blacks the freedom and the rights they actually deserved. He also believed in the power of words so he led nonviolent protests. He believed in equality for all not just blacks and whites but other ethnic groups and people with different religions.

He also wanted to end “the chains of discrimination”. Even though a lot did change since 50 years we are far from a world where people are not judged but loved for who they are and what they believe or look like. Martin Luther King jr. may have been murdered but his death was not meaningless he was the bridge that managed to unite and get people to understand that we are all the same nobody superior nobody inferior but one the same.

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