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Disillusionment of Ten O’clock

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This poem was written by a man named Stevens Wallace. Stevens Wallace was born in 1879. He was born In Pennsylvania and was a gifted and known as a talented poet. Disillusionment of ten o clock was one of his more popular best known poems. Steve Wallace was well educated and attended Harvard. When he graduated he became a lawyer and wrote pomes in his free time. When i first read the poem Disillusionment of ten o clock, I completely missed the concept of the poem.

After about a few half dozen times I realized what seven Wallace was trying to explain. The first time I read the poem I believed it was talking about brides being left at the altar, or the ‘KKK’ due to the third line “by white night gowns “. What helped me realize what I was reading was not what the author was trying to explain, was the word in the title disillusionment. This gave me the idea that maybe what I was reading was more in depth than what I see.

In this poem of Disillusionment of Ten O’ Clock, Stevens’ comments on the boring lives majority of the people live. He describes this by using word play, repletion, comparison and metaphorically. He also describes and compares the majority of the boring people’s lives to a drunken sailor who is the opposite of the people in the houses. The beginning of the poem Stevens mentions “haunted houses by white night gowns”. Stevens does not actually mean actual ghost, and he does not mean the houses are really haunted.

What he really means is the people who are wearing the white night gowns are boring and dull. He makes this clear in lines 4- 9 were he explains there are no people in the houses wearing color. He explains this clearing by using the words none continuously. None are green, or purple with green rings, or green with yellow rings, or yellow with blue rings. None of them are strange. Stevens did a good job at describing the dullness of the people’s life by using the colors white.

Color shows excitement, and expression, by showing that the people have no color it shows how boring and meaningless the people’s lives are. In lines 13 and 14 Stevens mentions an old sailor who is used in compare and contrast toward the people living in the houses. In line 12 Stevens states the People are not going to dream of baboons and periwinkles. But unlike the sailor, the sailor dreams of “catching tigers/in red weather. ” What Stevens is saying is that the people who are not dreaming of baboons and periwinkles are dull and have not lived life.

They have not lived and enjoyed what the world has to offer and are unable to dream exciting dreams. But when you think of a sailor you think of a man who has travelled the world and has seen many things. It also gives the idea he has experienced much in life unlike the people who live in the houses. This is well clear in lines 13 -15 were Stevens writes “Drunk and asleep in his boots, Catches tigers in red weather”. So unlike the boring and dull people he is above the norm and has lived life to the fullest and has exciting dreams.

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