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Determining Conditions of Probation

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Conditions of probation and parole are primary factors that have an effect on an offender’s post-prison life. When determining conditions of probation and parole, the offenders’ background plays a very important part of the determination. The history of the offenses that the offender committed is extremely important of determining the condition of probation or parole. Probation and parole conditions consist of drug/alcohol treatment, psychiatric evaluation/treatment, anger management treatment, family counseling, job training/employment assistance, housing assistance, and intensive supervision. The conditions suggested will help the offender to turn his or her life around permanently, if the offender has the desire to do so but in some cases it does not exist (desire). Determining Conditions of Probation

Case #1-(DWI)-Stanley Gravas has a wife and two children. Recently he lost a third child (son) due to a boating accident. The loss of the son has sent the family in disarray. Mr. Gravas admits to that he was a social drinker, but he started drinking more when his son died. Neither his family nor he has dealt with their grief. Mr. Gravas worked 18 years for an insurance company. This was Mr. Gravas second offense of DWI. After reviewing the case I determine the following conditions of probation for Mr. Stanley Gravas with a review in 90 days. 1. Drug/ Alcohol Treatment-He must attend drug and alcohol treatment that include attending meetings regularly. 2. Family Counseling-Along with his family he will attend family counseling to help with them with the damage Stanley’s drinking cause to the family and also to help the family and Stanley with the grief. Case #2- (Aggravated Assault)-Gary Harrison came from a large family yet he was never married, no children, and he was a high school dropout. Mr. Harrison was mentally and physically abuse by his father. Mr. Harrison was employed by his uncle. Mr. Harrison had mental heath problems and abused drugs and alcohol. He also had anger management issues. Mr. Harrison has two prior convictions for simple assault. I recommend the following conditions with 90 day review. 1. Drug/Alcohol Treatment

2. Psychiatric Evaluation /Treatment
3. Anger Management Counseling
4. Intensive Supervision (high risk offender)
Case #3- Kenneth Stanfield (Controlled Substances) – Mr. Stanfield is not employed and is currently living out of his car. When Mr. Stanfield was arrested he tested positive for cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana. This is Mr. Stanfield second arrest for controlled substances. I recommend the following conditions with 90 day review. 1. Drug/Alcohol Treatment

2. Job Training/ Employment Assistance
3. Housing Assistance
90 Day Review
Case #1 –Stanley Gravas- Mr. Gravas has made remarkable improvements of following the conditions of his probation. Mr. Gravas has been sober 60 days while attending drug/alcohol treatment and AA meetings regularly. The family counseling was a great benefit for Mr. Gravas and his family on dealing with the loss of their family member (son). It seem as though Mr. Gravas is on the right track of staying sober. The family counseling and the alcohol treatment is working well for Mr. Gravas and his family. Case #2- Gary Harrison- Mr. Harrison was in non-compliance of the conditions of his probation therefore the outcome of his 90 day review did not shown good results for the following reasons; 1. Did not take his meds(psychotic)

2. Did not attend regularly his AA and Anger Management Meetings 3. Assault his brother recently.
Mr. Gary Harrison violated the conditions of his parole so it looks like he will be returning to prison. Case #3- Kenneth Stanfield- Mr. Stanfield progress has been good in the last 60 days and has been attending regularly his NA classes. Mr. Stanfield has tested clean on all of his random drug tests currently. Mr. Stanfield is doing a remarkable and on good road of recovery.

The changes that I would have considered in Case #2- Gary Harrison are that he should have been placed in, halfway house supervision with special needs for offender recently released. Mr. Harrison did speak of his fears of struggling with the possibility of relapsing due to the issues of drugs and substance abuse once he would be release. Mr. Harrison later fled because he was unable to overcome his struggles to recover.

All of the recommendations concerning all cases were included in the conditions of probation. But in Mr. Gary Harrison (case#2) he was a good instance of how offenders who are release cannot be rehabilitated. Rehabilitation is not due to the lack of services or actions obtainable by the Probation/Parole Department, but it may be do to the lack of assistance of the criminal.

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