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Demountable Partitions Versus Drywall

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Demountable and drywall partitioning are among the most common forms of managing home and office space for designated operations. Demountable partitions systems have several panel joints, floor and ceiling tracks and sidewall intersection where sound can escape. The seals for demountable partitions must be operable and must be of high durability so that they can last the life of installation with minimum maintenance (Wagner 88). Demountable partitioning is types of partitioning that has been popular for many years and are currently almost synonymous with the modern office. There exist various reasons that have led to their success. One of the reason is that they are very smart and they normally a sense of image consciousness and pride.

Demountable partitioning are flexible because they are moved to another location relatively easily and cleanly. The demountable partitioning is termed as relocatable partitioning, is flexible, affordable, high performing, and is environmentally sensible. In the end, demountable partition installation will be more economical than dry wall partitioning and will be considerably cheaper after the first modification. It is economical to use the demountable partitioning because it results in a more advantageous and satisfactory solution than using other alternatives like dry wall partitioning. There walls do not require wet work, taping and jointing treatment, painting or even field application of wall coverings. The demountable pre-finished panels allow faster completion and earlier occupancy. This type of partitioning allows continuous installation of floor coverings and ceiling systems.

The internal structure of demountable partitioning is prepared for easy running of cables. This type of partitioning is easy, quick and logical to install which then lowers time of installation and ensures that the deadlines beaten. In demountable partitioning, one of the materials is plasterboards that do not need painting because of their vinylized surface. It is important to use the demountable partitioning because they have fewer disturbances. Their installation can be implemented with a minimum noise and inconveniences. This makes it possible for it to be altered while the office employees remain at their disks working. The demountable partitioning damaged or dirty surfaces are easy to clean or replace. Installation of this type of partitioning can be performed even in finished offices environments without damaging already laid carpets. Nevertheless, demountable partitioning is well designed because there are no visible screws or even nail-heads.

Demountable portioning has some types that include designer systems, fire and sound, timber and glass-wall (Kendall & Teicher 201). The designer systems are flexible and cost effective and are specified for use in general office areas where there is no fire performance and high sound reduction is not necessary. The designer system offers a range of colored finishes and fully glazed elevations with integral blinds. The fire and sound provide ultimate in sound reduction and fire resistance. The fire and sound timber offers high performance levels of the standard system together with the appearance of natural woods. The glass wall on the other hand is the most popular in the modern offices because like maintaining visual contact with the staff and the feeling of an open plan environment. In glass wall, there is minimum use of framework that enables it to achieve high level of soundproofing and fire resistance. There is also high speed on set installation with fewer disruption and mess.

Demountable partitioning has several advantages that out weighs their disadvantage. One of the advantages is that they can be installed and reinstalled in less time without damage or expensive materials replacement. They are also flexible in that they can be moved from one location to the other. They are less expensive especially when moving them to another location. They are also less disruptive because they are disassembled and reassembled very fast. Since they are relocatable walls, they are moved without damage to adjoining carpeting and ceiling tiles. Demounting partitions are known for causing almost no waste and they eliminate traditional expenses. They are also fire resistance and they reduce sound. The other main advantage is that their damaged or dirty surfaces are easy to clean or replace.

Demountable partition also has some disadvantages. One of the disadvantages is that they are made of gypsum, which makes them vulnerable because they easily break. The other disadvantage is that they contain doors, sidelights, and windows and a portion of the relocated wall is not reusable. Dry wall partitioning on the other hand is a method of dividing open areas into smaller rooms by the use of a stud tracks system. The joints of the dry wall are plastered with rhino glides to ensure an even finish that eventually creates a false wall. The false wall is an impermanent fitting, which can be detached later. Dry partitioning is easy to install and clean but not like the demountable partitioning. Dry partitioning is implemented in offices, industrial and commercial installations. Drywall partitioning is commonly used today than older days. People used to consider drywall being cheap and an inferior substitute for plaster. The quality of drywall can either make or break a job all because it is close up and personal.

The dry partitioning has some advantages that include their prefabricated door and window modules which result to increase in the sped of erection and reduce the time spent on site. This results to savings of labor and enables more installation performed in the same amount of time. The drywall partitioning is designed with high quality raw materials, which makes it the obvious choice for all dry-walling requirements. Their slimline glazing mullions and transoms are very attractive and can be created by clip fixing the required aluminum males section onto the female partner that is already fixed to the position.

The other advantage is that they are made of steel stud framing, which are non-combustibility, uniformity of dimension, lightness of weight, freedom from rot and moisture problems and their relative ease of erection. The components of steel frame are manufactured in a way that they will fit together easily making the drywall partitioning have more advantage than other alternatives like the demountable partitioning. The other advantage is that their steel stud is obtainable in several widths so that they can accommodate in range of uses (Ashcroft 73). The drywall partitioning has the advantage of having the bracer device that is provided at web of studs for placing bracer channels where the increased rigidity is required. They are also flexible and this helps them to perform in special circumstances.

Drywall partitioning also has some disadvantages, which makes people opt for demountable partitioning. One major disadvantage is that they are costly to install those relocatable walls. The other disadvantage is they are cheap and dirty. Drywall is not the most suitable for the basement because it was not made for that environment. Drywall installation is considered as dirty work in that the heavy panels cut to fit the basement have think and fine dust which coats everything in the area. Installing drywall ceiling in a finished basement consumes a lot of time to service or even renovate a basement. It also provides poor access to pipes and wiring when they need to be serviced or to be newly installed. In drywall, partitioning the mold and moisture resistant do not stand their claim with a warranty. Another disadvantage is that it has to be painted for it to have an attractive color and to protect it from rusting.

In comparison between the demountable partitioning and drywall partitioning, the demountable stands to be the best because it the most reliable. The demountable partitioning has very many advantages over drywall partitioning that is believed to be the inferior system. The flexibility of demountable portioning makes it more beneficial in that it can be relocated from one location to another. This does not apply much to drywall because it is very expensive to move it from one location to another. It also consumes a lot of time in installation and renovation as opposed to demountable partitioning that is installed easily and can be renovated with no problems. Although the drywall has so many disadvantages over demountable partitioning, it has materials that are reusable as opposed to other alternatives. Currently majority of people prefer demountable because of its advantages and they believe it is the most convenient. Both partitioning methods have own advantages and disadvantages that demonstrate their quality. According to the comparison done, demountable appears to be more advantageous than drywall partitioning.

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