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Dark and stormy nigh

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It was a dark and stormy night. The thick grey clouds covered the black velvet sky. The rain was incessantly pouring as if there were no ending to it. There streaks of lightning everywhere, followed by the loud roar of thunder. The wind causes the trees to sway in the same direction. It was a perfect night for the kill.

In order to gain power and become the boss for Lal Mirch Jewlry Company, I as the Assistant Manager, must destroy Mr. Edmund to gain power. I had brought my nine inch handgun to be used as a murder weapon to kill Mr. Edmund and a blunt edge knife to torture him and make him feel how it was like under him.

It had been a few years but I had finally completed my plan to finish him off. I studied him closely to get the information I need. What time he went home, what he usually do during a certain time and etc.

Mr. Edmund was seen as a big hairy ogre with a whip. He was cold-hearted. Mr. Edmund will regret everything he forces me to do. I was sure I would do everybody a favor wiping him from the face of the Earth.

Click! The sound of the lights being switched off indicated that it was time to start the plan. It was 10pm- the time he usually stopped working. As Mr. Edmund was huge and strong, it was impossible to win him in hand-to-hand combat. I crept silently behind him and severed the nerves of both of his legs. Afterwards I tied him, making him immobile. I dragged him into my car. The backseat of the car was covered with plastic so that I could remove the evidence easily. I then drove to the heart of the forest.

“Who are you?” Edmund questioned me despite the gag I put over his mouth

“Your biggest nightmare, “I replied, tightening the cloth that was over his mouth.

I brought him to an isolated place. This place was dangerous because of the presence of the trench. The presence of spikes did not do much good. As I released his blindfold and gag, a gasp escaped him, “Rory?”

“This better be a joke or I….. I….I will fire you! “Mr. Edmund screamed not knowing what I would do next. The word fear was written all over his face.

I slowly stabbed him in the stomach making him feel the pain and slid his stomach open. The contents were flowing out. After a few minutes, I shot him. Just to make sure he die, I shot him another time. To dispose his body, I just pushed him off the cliff. The rain would do the job of washing the blood. As I dispose the evidence, I was thinking it would be better without shooting him.

From this day onwards I had obtained the icy cold heart which has the power to slay anyone or anything that was standing in my way.

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