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Crime Control

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When the criminal justice system responses to a crime, they have a few ways to go about it, two of these ways include using the Crime Control or Due Process models. These models both have different ways of making the correct legal decision. Everyone has their own opinion when it comes to defining a punishable crime and making a decision on how to process it.

Both the Due Process and the Crime Control model have their own ways to come to a rational conclusion to each criminal case. The Due Process model focuses on fairness and being reasonable, because in the end, everyone makes mistakes, right? In this clause, an individual judgment mean nothing, what really matters are that what was wrongly done is in reasonable boundaries of the law. Under this system, people should only be sentenced if it is completely fair, not because they are guilty of a crime.

The Crime Control model seems to be the most reasonable method to punish criminals. This model makes it so that the criminal gets the right amount of punishment and realizes how much they have hurt society. This cause does not care too much about fairness, as the Due Process does.

I believe that the Due Process model is much more relevant in society today, because not enough people are being punished due on the intensity of their crimes. Criminals are getting away with murder because of mental illness, or being provoked. The Crime Control model should be used more frequently in deciding if a person is guilty or innocent, it does not focus on changing opinions or twisting the truth. For me, the only excuse anyone should have for murder is self-defense. If they try and reason their crime with anything else, they should be punished accordingly.

Crime Control should be the most used method in todays society. If this method was used more frequently I believe that it would drastcly lower all crime rates because criminals would know that they would be able to get pass the system. People would realize that they would be punished for crimes accordingly and teach them how to be a member of society.

The movie “Side Effects” portrays how Crime Control should be the most used method. This movie is about a young girl in her twenties who is accused of killing her husbands. The said girl convinces everyone that she was sleepwalking and killed her husband the middle of a night because of a certain medicine that she had been prescribed. She almost fools everyone over because she had everyone believing that it wasn’t truly her fault and was just because of the medicine that she was on. She then confesses about her murder and is given a reasonable punishment. If she had not confessed to the murder she would have just had to be sent to a psychiatrist for few years. You can probably tell that I am without a doubt in favor of the Crime Control model because with it, people are not trying to convince anyone of anything. In this model, criminals are sentenced to a punishment that reflects directly on the crime done, not trying to be fair or swaying anyone’s thoughts on crime. A crime is a crime and should be punished as such.

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