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Conduct Becoming of an Officer and Gentlemen

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           According to the article entitled; “Conduct Unbecoming an Officer,” Article 133 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) , “ any officer convicted of conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman shall be punished as a court may direct.”         The article also explain the meaning of the word gentleman that it means both men and women and that the kind of offense referred to in this article means behavior “in an official capacity” which disrespect the officer or compromises his or her character. It can also refer to behavior “in a private capacity” which disgraces the officer personally.

             There are some moral attributes common to the ideal officer and the perfect gentleman, lack of which is indicated by acts of dishonesty, unfair dealing, indecency, lawlessness, injustice, or cruelty. “It is not everybody who is expected to comply with extraordinarily high moral standards, but there is a limit depending on customs of the service necessity below which the personal standards of an officer cannot fall without compromising the person’s character as gentleman.”

Preserving “Good Order and Discipline”

                Worthy of serious analysis and is the fact that the men and women who, among many other missions, fly our combat aircraft, navigate our warships, and operate our tanks—our nation’s warriors—are legally and morally required to be gentlemen. At the same time, we are aware that “not everyone can be expected to meet too high moral standards.” Still, the requirement of exemplary conduct insists that all commanders be “good example of virtue,” even though Article 133 concedes that “not everyone” can be “unrealistically” principled. Officers who are excellent in campaign planning, demonstrating confidence in themselves and also in their professional abilities and training often stumble when confronted to conduct the sessions concerning development of virtue in the troops for whom they have responsibility.


According to Randon House College Dictionary (revised edition), gentleman means a civilized, educated and well mannered man.

 There are two types of gentlemen. The surface gentlemen: He pretends to be a gentleman, he dresses in style, well and appropriately, he does the right things at the right time and in the right manner, he does good things to the people and he has leaned etiquette very well. But this gentleman again is self centered, not honest in dealings, he is not sensitive to other people’s needs or how his actions may harm them. He speaks of other people in a hurtful way; sometimes to their face, but usually behind their backs. He can easily cheat other people.

                  For the real man, it is more important to meet the fundamentals of being a real gentleman. One should not be fooled by the outward appearance of a person. You should ask questions for example, “does this person always act in decent ways expected of a gentleman?”. A person who appeared to be a gentleman at first may turnout to be man of evil deeds.

How to be a gentleman.

There are many ways in which a person can adhere to so as to become a gentleman. Here are some of these ways:
1. learn to say simple things like please and thank you and ask questions about other people rather than talk about yourself. It is these small things that matters a lot in becoming a gentleman.
2. Try to keep time. Lateness and waste of time does not make you look important, it turns you into an arrogant incompetent who thinks that his time is more important than that of other people.
3. A gentleman cares about the planet. Be environmentally aware; keep the environment clean and friendly.
4. Open doors for people and stand up when they enter into a room, and do this for both men and women. The modern gentleman doesn’t treat women like slaves.
5.  Try to be modest. Bragging is definitely not the conduct of a gentleman.
6. Be a good and caring father. Nothing is less charming than a man who leaves childcare to women.
7. Avoid pretending. Try to be honest about wherever you have come from in life.
8. Flirt – with everyone. Good flirting is a form of politeness. Pay compliments and put your companion at ease..
10.Be smart always. Dress tidily. Whatever style you are going for, scruffiness just isn’t in. red to be a gentleman at first may turn out to be evil.

“It is not gentlemanly to refer to yourself as a gentleman,” says Fergus Henderson, London. “It is something that should remain unspoken”. Most people still respond to good-spoken vowels and certain outdated manners as though it reflects inner qualities, there enabling the owner to go away with more.

Trevor Pickett, the owner of the eponymous leather goods brand. He aims to carry out business activities but he fears that he is a minority. You can not do that in case you have screwed them on price, for instance. That is not the way things are done”.

         However, the coming generation of most respected gentlemen in Britain is probably going to combine conventional success with twenty first century concerns for instance community work, ecology and parenthood. As David Rothschild, the adventurer campaigner, says: “respect for each other is inherited with respect for the planet we have inherited.”   He with his peer group can finally move beyond the Thatcherite admiration for ruthlessness in business and elbows-out upward social mobility. They can also come to proclaim the notion of “respect” from its bastardised street use, where it is so frequently used as a tool for aggression.

                “How can we as community  have got to a point where it is acceptable to be surly and rude?, I do not know,” says Grant. “But I believe that people are now questioning general behavior towards each other, so there is a chance that good behavior and being a gentleman, if you like will make a comeback.

               Equally, wannabe gentlemen from ordinary backgrounds who adopt the overt trappings of the old world – the smart suits, the cigars, the clubs – can simply be dressing up in the appropriate costumes and putting on a performance. It’s these things is wrong, only that it bout it.

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