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Comparing the blue bouquet with flowers

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In this story he is a boarding house owner. I find this story effective in a number of ways for example the first thing I notice is the title “blue bouquet” which is a metaphor. The story is set in a country town in Mexico during nighttime which shows the atmosphere the character was in. The characters name has not been mentioned throughout the story (the narrator tells the story) but he is described as male, while probably from the city. “I woke covered with sweet, hot stream rose from the newly sprayed, red -brick pavement.

This gives a clear indication that this was in the summer and was warmth; this use of language demonstrates the warmth of the night. Also other quotes showing the warmth of the summer is, “I rubbed my chest and legs with the soaked cloth, dried my self a little”. This gives a clear perspective to the reader of the hot summer. ” ” To take a walk its too hot, and no street lights around here. Back soon I picked these quotes to show the characters I picked these quotes to show the characters determination to get fresh air as its too hot.

The characters mood in the beginning of the story is that he’s too hot and wants some fresh air so he goes for a walk. “Careful not to step on some scorpion leaving his hideout for a bit a fresh air”. “It’s too hot” These examples shows his mood in various ways that he’s hot and wants some fresh air. The atmosphere when he’s taking his walk at first is described as, “At first I couldn’t see anything”. This gives you a picture of how dark it was and also this is being narrated. “I felt free “. This shows his mood that he’s happy.

I didn’t want to turn around, although I felt the shadow getting closer with every step (change of mood). ” This describes the present tense between the narrator (character) and the attacker. This part is about how the attacker approached him,” I felt the point of a knife in my back”. In the middle of the story he says, “I’ II give you everything I have if you let me go. ” This illustrates his determination to be let free from the man. The ending is that the character was, “leaned against the wall, my head in my hands.

I pulled myself together”, this shows he fell apart and was struggling to get a hold of himself… ” I ran for an hour through the deserted town. ” This describes how shaken he was from this event in his life. I think one of the greatest impacts in the story is the part, “I turned around, but could not distinguish anything. ” The fact that he didn’t recognize the danger of the situation and could not make out what it was, and had a chance to run away. Another big impact is where, “I didn’t want to turn around,” this describes his lack of awareness of the danger and his fear.

In the end he leaves feeling terrified and scared from this dramatic experience. This story ends as the attacker wanted his eyes for his girlfriend as referred in the text. The flowers As soon as I read the story I noticed the girls name was Myop who s ten years old and she is black. It is an effective as it was set on a Sharecroppers farm in the deep south of the USA. This was at the time of LATE summer during harvest time at the late morning-midday. “The day’s had never been as beautiful as these.

This shows the atmosphere of Nature around her in a beautiful day. “She felt light and good in the warm sun. ” This show how the writer brings natural sense to life by referring to nature e. g. sun also it shows she’s in a good mood. Her mood is described such as, “Today she made her own path”. This is showing that she felt free and wanted to do what she desired for. “She struck out at random at chickens she liked”. This shows that she felt that she wanted to do whatever she wants even including striking at chickens as she liked.

By the second half of the story it started to sound horrific such as, “she had often been as far before ,but the strangeness of the land made it not as pleasant as her haunts,” This is suggesting that this place was not like others but unpleasant to the character. “Myop began to circle back to the house. ” This describes the mood of her wanting to go back from this unpleasant place. So far the story is about her going for a walk on her own meeting a stranger who was a dead man who had been lynched.

I would say parts such as, “it was then she stepped smack in her eyes. This is dramatic as then she knocked sense into herself. “It was only when she saw his naked grin that she gave a little yelp of surprise. ” This is a great impact as this suggests her unawareness of the encounter and being surprised by this. After reading there two stories, “Blue Bouquet” and the “flowers” I would say the “Blue Bouquet is effective in appealing and interesting as the reader gives a clear message of danger ahead making it effective. Also both have the same structure of story as both go for a walk on their own, they have a disturbing encounter and at the end they both become disillusioned.

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