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Color and Our Personalities

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The colors of clothing we choose to wear, the colors we use to decorate our homes, and even the colors of food that we choose to eat are all examples of how colors reflect who we are. The color of clothes people choose to wear seem to give a slight personality profile of them. For instance, a person wearing a red T-shirt would probably be more likely to take risks and be adventurous, wereas a person wearing a white T-shirt would be more reserved and wouldn’t want to be the center of attention.

Out of curiousity, I posted a poll on my website asking males the color of bra they would most like to see on an attractive woman. Out of the colors black, white, and red, sixty-five percent voted that they would rather see an attractive woman wearing a black bra. This is yet another example of how color affects our emotions. Black is a mysterious, sexual color (Psychology of Color). Therefore it arouses the male more than the colors red and white, which can be used to represent the emotions of sensuality (red) and purity (white).

The color black is very mysterious and dominate. I wear black clothes a lot because it makes me feel sophisticated, and prevailing. It’s my “power” color. I would most likely wear black clothes to an important meeting or to a formal party. It is also “slimming”, which gives me more confidence. Wearers of black are often strong-willed, opinionated, disciplined, and independent (Psychology of Colors). Men admire these qualities in women and find them sexy. That is why the majority of the men who participated in my poll chose the color black as the bra color that they would most like to see on an attractive female.

The color white represents purity, optimism, and peace (Psychology of Colors). Many people paint their houses white because they want to feel optimistic and peaceful in their homes. My best friend, Holly, wears white clothes a lot. She has a very carefree and positive outlook about nearly everything. She is usually free of worry and stress. The color white definitly reflects her personality.

The color red, like black, is also a powerful color. It is associated with people who take risks and are very adventurous (Psychology of Colors). It symbolizes those who are sexy, dynamic, daring, powerful, warm, sensual, determined, courageous, angry, impatient, and ambitious (Psychology of Colors). This mixture of emotions makes it difficult to determine aspects of ones personality; although, someone who wears red is probably outgoing, and loves a rush. My boyfriend, Michael, loves to wear the color red. He is very outgoing, spontaneous, and fun to be around, but can also be very impatient. The color red directly displays his personality traits.

The colors that people like can tell you a lot about their personality traits. So the next time you go to your closet to pick out an outfit, think of how the color of it describes you and your personality!

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