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Characteristics of Downs syndrome

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Statistically, Down’s Syndrome affects 1 in every 800 babies born. There is no medicine can down’s syndrome people take to become not down’s syndrome ones, so there is no doubt that D.S. is a social problem. The problem associated obviously with matching D.S. Children to pre-set curriculum. Down’s Syndrome or Trisomy 21, Our bodies cells have chromosomes contain all information about us, things like sex, male or female, hair colour, eyes …etc, People who have D.S. have an extra chromosome 21 in the cells in their bodies, which associated with some physical, processing and learning difficulties. This paper will review the definition of D.S. and then discuss D.S. people characteristics, then learning difficulties and behaviour, finally teaching Down’s Syndromes people.


Stephanie Lorenz, 1998, “Down’s Syndrome is a genetic condition caused by a failure in the cell division.” The baby grows by cell division of an egg and sperm. Normally each of these sex cells contains 23 chromosomes, occasionally, the two versions of 21 fail to separate and move together into the same cell. So D.S. is often referred to as (trisomy 21). Babies with 45 chromosomes are mostly unlucky to survive, however one with 47 will develop, grow and produce Down’s Syndrome. Briefly, D.S. is a genetic disorder which is associated with some physical, processing and learning difficulties.

Characteristic and Physical development.

D.S. people can be recognized by their distinctive facial features. The following figer shows the common characteristics of the D.S. people. (Figer 1). However, there is no relationship between the obvious physical characteristics and the degree to which their development is delayed.

Figer (1)

Learning Abilities:

All children with Down’s Syndrome show some delay in their development and more learning difficulties than normal ones, although they vary widely in their learning abilities and not merely delayed, (Faylkener and Lewis 1995).

Teaching Down’s Syndrome:

Good teaching is the key issue, successful interactive teaching and inclusion at which depend on the pupils instead of the teacher where the D.S. pupils are encouraged to be independent and doing lots of things by themselves using their hands. Meanwhile sometimes they can be separated from the classroom and be taught some things individually. A special educational programme must be designed for each pupil individually matching their individual abilities; this programme covers range of development, language, fine hand control, recognising, numracy and literacy skills. There are seven broad features of the teacher’s role are identified and these can be briefly summarised as follows.

* Assessment.

* Prescription.

* Teaching and pastoral.

* Supporting.

* Liaison; encouraging parents to become even more involved.

* Management; this involves organising one’s classroom affairs.

* Staff development.


Obviously, every child has the right to learn and have a place in a school. Believing in a good educational system should provide all who want to learn with an equal chance for learning. I believe in inclusive education for Down’s syndrome pupils. DS pupils must be included in our ordinary schools but they need special programmes designed according to their needs and their abilities individually. The teacher’s role is assisting D.S. pupils and help them to move from the key concepts to basic skills and then to more advanced skills as well as skills for most able. Family role is not less important than that which teacher’s play. Parents must be involved in designing, assessing and outlining special programme for their down’s syndrome.

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