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Business Communication and Negotiation

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1. Please revise the writing style of following sentences to meet the criteria of ‘You Attitude’, please also note that using the word you does not always create you-attitude: Lacks You-Attitude

1 I have worked hard to get you the best contract settlement possible. The contract has been prudently created to accomodate your requirement and condition as well. 2 You will be happy to learn that the School of Management offers four different majors. The School of management would give you comprehensive and elaborate view on business as it provides in four different majors. 3 Send us a copy of the signed delivery receipt.

It would be very helpful if you could send us the signed delivery receipt copy before 2’nd January 2014. 4 We are shipping your order of September 14 today.
Your ordered goods has been taken by courier and should reach you by next Friday. 5 You forgot to consider inflation in your estimate.
Your investment estimation should be more accurate if you consider inflation assumption as a factor that affect the cash flow. 6 You did not park your car in the appropriate lot.

Pardon, could you please move your car to the parking lot next to this building because this area has been reserved for the conference. 7 You did not turn in the correct receipts for reimbursement It would be very helpful if you could send us the correct receipts before tomorrow to process your reimbursement afterwards. 8 Because of your error, you cost this company $14,000 in extra charges You should be more careful in the future as your miscalculation cost the company $14.000. 9 You did not provide a portfolio showing relevant work samples for this job Your portfolio shows that you are more competent in marketing and sales job rather than administration job. 10 You did not submit your weekly report on time to your supervisor It would be very helpful if you submit your weekly report on time to your supervisor

2. Consider this situation
You’re a manager and you’ve overspent your annual budget for overtime work in your division, even though there are four months left in the year. Please write a negative message using appropriate subject lines both to: (a) your superiors (delivering a bad news) and also (b) your employees (delivering disciplinary notices). You may also use buffer if necessary. Your boss is obviously upset about this problem and he asks you to write a firing letter to one of your subordinate. (c) Please write the termination letter for your staff, also remember to provide a clear reason for the firing

A. Letters to Superior
a.) Date : 04th December 2014
To: Mr. Yap Tjay Soen
From: Aji Sasongko CC: Mr.Alam Manurung

Subject : Overspent annual budget for overtime

Dear Mr.Yap Tjay Soen

I would like to inform you about overspend in our division’s annual overtime budget. We estimated that the budget will over for about +/- 10% vs budget in August. The new product development speed up causing the overspent annual budget for overtime. The management has intructed us to speed up the development of SDKFZ project 2 months ahead from the planned schedule because the momentum of the product launching has changed to next month. My division staff put their best effort to make it happen and its unavoidable for them to work overtime in the last two month that leads to overspent annual budget for overtime.

The overspent annual budget for overtime will lower our division’s performance scorecard that will affect my staff’s individual scorecard at the end of the year. I would be very grateful if you increase my division annual budget post for overtime work. It will be an extra motivation for my staff to put all its resources and energy to get this project succeed. I will really appreciate any help you can offer me and I believe we could both benefit our company substantially. Thanks for considering my request and helping me in tough situation.

Yours sincerely,

Aji Sasongko

b.) Letters to Subordinate
Date : 05 th December 2014
To: All Staff of Research and Development Division
From: Aji Sasongko CC: Ni Luh Dewiyanti

Subject : Overspent annual budget for overtime

Dear All Staff of Research and Development Division,

I am very pleased and honored to have the opportunity to work with you and have the best effort to complete our SDKFZ project in the past two months. Our board of management are pleased to hear the development progress of that project. However, I regret to inform you that we already exceed our annual overtime budget and the management decides not to give additional fund on this post.

I also need to remind several staff regarding this issue as their performance is not meeting management’s expectation after overly using overtime facility. I will notify and give a counseling to these member next week.

We need to work smarter and efficiently to complete this project in the future. I will look your all role and responsibility and remove unnecessary workload therefore we are still able to deliver SDKFZ project on time.

Thanks for all the efforts you have made so far and attention in this matter. Please let me know if you have any issue or solution regarding this matter. I am always glad to help in any way I can.


Aji Sasongko

3. Termination letter to the Staff
Date : 05 th December 2014
To: Jugram Hascwalth
From: Aji Sasongko CC: Ni Luh Dewiyanti

Subject : Jugram’s performance review and job termination

Dear Mr. Jugram,
I am pleased to have the opportunity to work with you. I would like to thank you for your effort in the last 6 months in GAZPROM Inc. Research and Development Division to complete all task that have been given to you. I regret to inform you that your employment with GAZPROM Inc. Is being terminated, effective 1’st January 2015. Your termination is the result of poor performance as outlined below : 1. You have assessment scores below the level allowed in our company for new employee. Your score is 287 and the bottom score that allowed by our company is 300. 2.

3. Consider this situation
You are working as Purchasing Manager in PT. Azane Indo Global. You received memos from other departments that the internet modem packages you bought for the company sometime do not work well and some seals even have been broken before opened. Based on this situation, you will write a complaint letter to MsAnastashaKawilarang, Head of Marketing dept in Galaxy Mandiri Co. Jogjakarta and request for possible solution. These are some information, which might be used in your letter: PT. Azane Indo Global office address: Jl. Kalimantan No. C21, Jogjakarta. Phone: +62 274 4399 789. Galaxy Mandiri Co. Address: Jl. Sulawesi No. 125A, Jogjakarta. When writing the letter, you must:

a) Indicate which part in your letter is illustrating the following components: (you may hand-write an arrow or color-shade for each component) Heading
Inside Address
Subject line
Reference initial
b) Also indicate the PAIBOC components in your letter

4. The instructor will show you a negotiation video with Japanese. Make a short essay about some issues/problems related with cross cultural miscommunication between the Japanese and the negotiation counterparts. Please relate those problems with problem of communication between high context versus low context culture. Please also clearly describe the distinctions between high- and low-context cultures

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